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Freebies Galore: Must-Have Student Deals And Discounts

Welcome to student savings! College days come with their share of fun, learning, and yes—expenses. From textbooks that cost a small fortune to keeping up with the latest tech for assignments and projects, your budget might be tighter than you’d like.

Here’s some good news: being a student provides an array of deals and free items just waiting to be grabbed.

Did you know? Amazon Prime sweetens the deal for students with six months of free membership. This includes fast shipping on tons of products and unlimited access to movies and TV shows.

After this period, you get half off the regular subscription price. Our blog post will guide you through various must-have student discounts and freebies—from no-fee bank accounts like Current and Chime to complimentary software like Microsoft Office 365 Education.

We’ll showcase ways to entertain yourself on a budget too, with options like Spotify Premium at a reduced fee for students and even YouTube Premium offering ad-free videos at a steal.

Get ready to save big time!

Freebies for Students:

Hey, students love free stuff! Who doesn’t? You get to save money on things you need or want. From no-cost bank options that keep your cash safe without extra charges, to gift cards just for signing up.

Get great deals on streaming services and software tools like Microsoft Office and Google Sheets that help with school projects. Don’t forget, big names in news give you their stories for zero dollars too.

Plus, budgeting gets easier with apps like YNAB – it’s a smart way to watch your spending. So yes, being a student has its perks!

No-Fee Bank Accounts

No-fee bank accounts save you money. Major banks offer these special deals for students. They ask for a low minimum balance and give sign-up bonuses. Think about Current Bank—they gift you $50 just for joining them.

Plus, they let your savings earn 4% yearly on up to $6,000.

Choosing online banking like Current or Chime can be smart. They don’t charge monthly fees or make you pay when taking out cash. I signed up with Current and got my bonus without trouble.

These banks work well for paying college expenses and managing your budget without extra fees eating into your savings.

Free Gift Cards

You can get free gift cards by using sites and apps like Branded Surveys, Freecash, Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and Toluna. By sharing your opinions in surveys or doing tasks online, these platforms reward you with points.

Then, you exchange these points for gift cards. It’s a simple way to earn something extra just for giving your thoughts.

Other apps give you cash back when you shop. Think of Capital One Shopping, Ibotta, Upside, Checkout 51, Rakuten, and Fetch Rewards as your money-saving friends. Buy things you would anyway—groceries or clothes—and get cash back to use later for free gift cards.

This way turns everyday shopping into savings without extra work.

Next up are discounts on big names like Amazon Prime and Microsoft Office that make student life easier and cheaper…

Discounts on Amazon Prime, Microsoft Office, and Google Sheets

After exploring free gift cards, let’s get into some heavy-hitters: Amazon Prime, Microsoft Office, and Google Sheets. These deals can make your student life both cheaper and easier.

  1. Amazon Prime knows how to treat students right. You get a free membership for six full months. This isn’t just about getting books delivered fast for your next exam. It means free two-day shipping on over 100 million items. Yes, that’s right — everything from textbooks to dorm room essentials lands at your doorstep in no time. Once the trial ends, you pay less than the usual rate if you decide to keep it.
  2. Microsoft Office steps up for students too. If your college email still works, you’re in luck. You get Office 365 Education at no cost — that includes Word for your essays, Excel for those tricky spreadsheets, PowerPoint for presentations, OneNote for organizing notes, and Microsoft Teams for group projects.
  3. Google Sheets is part of a bigger squad known as Google Docs Editors tools — also yours without paying a dime. It’s perfect for when you’re watching your spending but still need reliable tools for assignments and projects.

Each of these services has helped me manage my workload and budget better during school years. They aren’t just about saving money; they’re about making your student life run more smoothly too. So yes, take advantage of these offers while you can!

Free Access to The Washington Post

You get to read The Washington Post online for six months without paying. Yes, Amazon Prime lets you do this. As a student, staying updated with the news is key. You can read articles, watch videos, and learn about what’s happening in the world.

This deal makes it easy for you.

Now, think about how much you can save and learn at the same time. After those six months, you might find other discounts or deals to keep reading for less. So, check out this offer and stay informed on current events without spending money.

Next up is how to manage your money better with free budgeting tools…

Free Budgeting Tools such as You Need a Budget (YNAB)

Managing money can be tough, but YNAB makes it easier for students like you. This tool gives you free access if you show you’re a student. It helps track your spending, teaches good money habits, and plans for future costs.

Think of it as having a smart buddy guiding your budgeting journey.

With YNAEB, every dollar has a job – from saving for textbooks to covering late-night pizza runs. This method keeps you in control and stress-free about where your money goes. Perfect for keeping bank accounts happy and making sure those student discounts on fast food or movie tickets really count!

Free Entertainment:

Free entertainment waits for you with open arms. You get to enjoy music apps and TV shows without spending a dime.

Discounted Music Streaming and Free TV Streaming Options

Saving money is key for you as a college student. You can enjoy your favorite tunes and shows without breaking the bank. Here’s how:

  1. Spotify and Apple Music have special deals just for students like you. They cut their prices down so you pay less each month. Plus, they throw in extra goodies sometimes.
  2. Amazon Prime isn’t just for free shipping. It lets you watch tons of movies and TV shows without paying more. As a student, you get to enjoy all this at a lower price.
  3. YouTube Music offers a discount too, making it easier to listen to music without spending much.
  4. For TV lovers, there are options that cost nothing at all. Websites like Showtime and Prime Video have times when students can watch for free.
  5. Fast food places like Domino’s and Subway might not offer music or shows, but keep an eye out! They often give codes for discounted or free streaming services as part of their deals.
  6. Don’t forget about local libraries and school resources! Many have subscriptions to video streaming platforms that you can use for free.
  7. Car sharing apps and bike share programs sometimes include perks like free media subscriptions to attract younger customers, including students.
  8. Events on campus or sponsored by your college often give away free subscriptions or access codes to popular streaming services.
  9. Some textbooks come with bonus offers that include free or discounted access to entertainment platforms – always check what comes with your books!

10.Utilize student discount websites like Student Beans for the latest deals on music and TV streaming services designed specifically for students.

11.Lastly, talking directly with service providers can sometimes unlock discounts not advertised widely – it doesn’t hurt to ask!

Free Events

Music and TV streaming discounts are cool. Now, let’s explore free events that save you more money.

  1. Museums often welcome students at no cost or a lower price if you show your student ID. This way, you can enjoy art, history, and science exhibits without spending much.
  2. Colleges sponsor many events like concerts, movie nights, and speaker series. These usually have cheap tickets for students or none at all.
  3. Local gatherings in your city might not even ask for a dime. Look out for community art shows, book readings, or open mics.
  4. Some movie theatres offer special deals on certain days for students. You could catch the latest films for less than usual.
  5. Fast food places near campuses sometimes host fun nights with trivia games where you can win prizes and eat without paying too much.
  6. Check out bike-sharing programs that might be free with your student email or ID. It’s a great way to get around and join group rides.
  7. Free workshops at nearby community centers or libraries can teach you new skills, from coding to cooking.
  8. Join school clubs that match your interests—many organize free trips, guest lectures, and projects.
  9. Volunteer for local charities or festivals; they often let helpers attend events for free.
  10. Car insurance companies sometimes sponsor safe driving events or contests with free entries—and great prizes if you win.

Always keep an eye on your college bulletin boards and emails; they’re packed with information about upcoming freebies!

Free Subscriptions to LinkedIn Student and LinkedIn Learning

After checking out free events around town, it’s time to focus on growing your network and skills without spending a dime. You get access to LinkedIn Student and LinkedIn Learning for free.

This deal is perfect for you if you want to connect with experts and find job opportunities. LinkedIn isn’t just a social platform; it also offers courses through LinkedIn Learning.

Here, you can learn new things that match what employers look for today.

LinkedIn opens doors to jobs, networking, and skills in one place.

With these subscriptions, you can watch videos about many topics like spreadsheets or making electronic communications better. And because it’s free, you save money while getting ready for the world after college.

Use this chance well!

Free Goods and Services:

Getting stuff for free can make your student life much better. Imagine saving money on books, health items, and even getting free eye checks and haircuts.

Free Textbooks

You can save big on textbooks. College libraries often let you borrow books for your classes. This means you don’t have to buy them new. Plus, some smart students share links on Reddit where you can download textbooks for free or find them at lower prices on sites like Abebooks.

It’s a game-changer.

Did you ever borrow a book and wish you could keep it for just a bit longer? Well, with textbook rental programs at the library, that dream isn’t far off. I’ve been there – rushing to finish reading before time runs out.

But here’s a tip: always check if the book is available online or through these cheaper options first; it has saved me and my wallet more times than I can count.

Free Condoms and Health Supplies

Campus health clinics are your go-to for free condoms, feminine products, and more. They understand that being a student means watching every penny. So they make it easy to stay healthy without spending a dime.

From condoms to pads and tampons, they’ve got you covered. Plus, if you need medicine but can’t afford it, many clinics offer discounts.

I once forgot my supplies during finals week—a time when buying anything felt like too much. But the campus clinic helped me out with both free condoms and some basic medications at a lower price.

It was simple and saved me from stress.

Now, think about keeping your eyes healthy too…

Free Eye Exams, Dental Checkups, Haircuts, and Physiotherapy

Saving money as a college student is crucial. Lucky for you, schools provide many free services that include eye exams, dental checkups, haircuts, and physiotherapy.

  1. Many colleges partner with optical centers to give you free eye exams. This means you can keep your vision sharp without spending a dime. Just check with your school’s health center or website for details.
  2. Dental care can be expensive, but students often get free dental checkups on campus. These services are typically provided by dental students under professional supervision, ensuring high-quality care while also keeping your wallet full.
  3. Looking good doesn’t have to drain your funds. Schools sometimes offer free haircut events or have barbering and beauty programs where students practice their skills on fellow students at no cost.
  4. Physiotherapy services are another gem schools offer for free or at a discounted rate. Whether it’s a sports injury or just the strains of carrying books around, you can get help without the financial stress.

Each of these services helps you save money and ensures you stay healthy and look your best throughout your college years. Make sure to take advantage of them!


See how much you can save with student deals and discounts. Explore more!

Take Advantage of Student Deals and Discounts

You’re in school to save and make money in the long run, right? Well, part of that is finding ways to spend less now. Many places offer special prices just for students. From big companies like Amazon Prime giving discounts on subscriptions to local restaurants where your student ID gets you a cheaper meal.

Think about it—every dollar you save is one more for books, supplies, or even a little fun.

Show proof of being a student whenever you can. Places like Adobe Creative Cloud cut their prices for learners like you, making expensive software affordable. Banks have checking accounts with no fees if you’re going to school and will sometimes throw in a debit card without extra charges. Even when grabbing a pizza at Domino’s or catching a movie at Regal cinemas, asking Do you have a student discount? could net you savings. It’s all about keeping more money in your pocket while still enjoying what college life offers outside the classroom.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Student Discounts

Many places offer student discounts, but they might not advertise it. Always ask when you’re buying something or signing up for a service. This could be at fast food restaurants, when getting textbooks from Chegg, or even while hunting for deals on bike sharing.

These discounts make things cheaper and help you save money. Showing your student ID can access these savings. Places like AMC Theaters and Madewell give special prices to students.

Asking for a discount is simple. Just show your ID and ask if they have any deals for students. This little question can lead to big savings on everything from food to clothes and services like Autodesk software or LastPass subscriptions.

Next time you spend money, remember – asking can pay off.

After exploring discounts, take advantage of free goods and services next…

Utilize Student Memberships to Save Money

After asking for student discounts, think about joining student memberships. They can help you save a lot of money. You already know about saving on books and food with your student ID.

But what about all the other things?

For example, join The Wall Street Journal or The Washington Post at a lower price just for students. You get all the news and insights without paying full price. And for software, like spreadsheet programs or analytics tools, many companies offer these free or at a big discount if you’re in school.

This can make schoolwork and projects much easier without hurting your wallet.

Also, banks often have special no-fee accounts for students that protect against overdrafts and avoid ATM fees—saving cash each time you swipe your card or withdraw money for pizza on Fitzroy street.

So look into these options. They are made just for you as a student to keep more money in your pocket while getting the services you need.

Stay Updated on the Latest Freebies and Discounts.

Finding the best deals and free stuff means keeping an eye out every day. Websites, apps, and student forums are your friends here. Sign up for newsletters from sites that list discounts or freebies specifically for students.

They often share codes for reduced prices on things like textbooks and Domino’s pizza or even essentials like health supplies. Follow your favorite brands on social media too — many offer exclusive deals to their followers.

School counselors might also have tips on college admissions fees waivers or free access to certain educational resources. Joining college groups can lead you to unexpected perks, from free YouTube videos to help with studies, to advice on managing credit card use smartly.

Here’s a tip from personal experience: always check your email’s spam folder! Once, I found a hidden offer for six months of free access to a major newspaper just because I took the time to look.

Every dollar saved is a dollar earned – especially when you’re in school.