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Cash In On Savings: Exploring The Top College Student Deals

Hey, college life means looking for ways to save money, right? Between textbooks and midnight snacks, your budget might be tighter than you’d like. Good news – companies out there really get it.

They throw deals at you just for being a student.

Ever heard of UNiDAYS? It connects students with amazing savings like 60% off Adobe Creative Cloud – that’s huge if you’re all about acing those projects or getting into design. This blog walks through the maze of offers waiting just for you – from tech must-haves like Microsoft Office 365 to weekend vibes courtesy of Spotify Premium student discounts.

Ready for more savings? Keep reading!

What Are Student Deals?

A group of college students having a lively shopping trip in a bustling city mall.

Student deals are special discounts. Companies and brands offer them to college students.

Discounts and offers specifically for college students

You get special deals just for being in college. Brands like Apple, Hulu, and Amazon offer lower prices to help you save. For software, Adobe gives a break on things like Photoshop if you’re studying.

And when it’s time to relax, services such as Spotify and Apple Music let you stream music for less.

Need a ride? Companies like Amtrak and Uber cut their prices for you. Want new clothes or books? Check out Target and Amazon Prime Student for discounts. All these savings are easy to get with your valid college ID or by signing up through UNiDAYS or

From eating at fast food places like Subway to watching movies on YouTube Premium, there’s a deal out there for nearly everything you might need or want during your college years.

Available from various companies and brands

Big names like Adobe, Apple, and AT&T have special deals just for you because you’re in college. Think about getting a big cut off the price on things like software or your phone plan.

Sites like UNiDAYS and Student Beans are gold mines for these discounts. They make it easy to find deals on almost everything a college student needs.

For your trips back home or adventures with friends, companies such as Amtrak and New Jersey Transit offer cheaper rides. And when you want to relax, there are entertainment options too.

Hulu, Spotify, and movie theaters give students lower prices on subscriptions and tickets. Need new kicks or gear? Check out Nike or The North Face for some savings. Even food delivery from Blue Apron or DoorDash comes cheaper with their student plans.

Top Student Deals for College Students

A group of college students studying and relaxing in a campus cafeteria.

Students can save big with special offers. These deals cover everything from laptops to music streaming and meals.

Electronics and software discounts (Adobe, Microsoft, Apple)

You can save big on electronics and software with your college ID. Adobe gives you a sweet deal, saving over 60% on Creative Cloud. That’s huge for all your projects and designs. Apple makes it easier on your wallet, too, with lower prices all year round.

This means you can get MacBooks and iPads at a discount. Don’t forget about Microsoft! They offer deals on Microsoft 365, perfect for all your classwork and presentations.

Best Buy is another spot to check out. They have everything from laptops to tablets and headphones just for college students like you. Being a My Best Buy Member comes with perks like free shipping and special discounts only for students.

So whether it’s writing papers, doing research, or just enjoying some downtime listening to music or watching movies, these discounts help make tech affordable.

Entertainment discounts (Hulu, Spotify, Apple Music)

After checking out the best deals on gadgets and software, let’s move to something fun. We all love movies, music, and shows, right? Well, being in college gets you sweet discounts on entertainment like Hulu, Spotify, and Apple Music.

These platforms offer lower prices just for students. So, you get to enjoy your favorite songs and series without spending much.

For instance, Apple Music gives a special price cut for students. And it’s not just about music; if you’re into movies and want more options, AMC Theaters have cheaper tickets too.

Maybe you enjoy streaming TV shows or films after class? Hulu has got your back with lower monthly rates for students as well. This means more fun while keeping your budget in check!

Food and dining discounts (Chipotle, Dunkin’, Subway)

Eating out can get pricey, but you’re in luck. Places like Chipotle, Dunkin’, and Subway offer tasty discounts just for students like you. Imagine grabbing a burrito or coffee at a fraction of the price! Blue Apron and HelloFresh also slash prices for meals delivered right to your door.

It’s a sweet deal when trying to save those dollars.

You might not know this, but showing your student ID can chop 10% off your bill at many fast-food joints. Next time you’re thinking about where to eat, consider these spots that love giving students a break.

Now let’s shift gears and talk about how you can save on getting from point A to point B with transportation discounts.

Transportation discounts (Amtrak, Uber, Lyft)

After grabbing a bite with offers from fast food giants like Chipotle and Subway, getting around town or heading home for a break shouldn’t break the bank. Good news! With your college ID, you can save on rides and trips too.

Amtrak gives you 15% off train tickets—perfect for those longer journeys back home or exploring new cities. Plus, car sharing services such as Uber and Lyft often have special deals just for students.

This means cheaper rides to anywhere—from campus to downtown or even late-night study sessions.

I once used these discounts to travel cross-country on Amtrak—it was both affordable and comfortable. For daily commutes, I frequently hop onto Uber or Lyft; it’s easy, fast, and with student discounts applied through their app promotions, surprisingly cheap.

So next time you plan a trip or need a quick ride across town, check out these student deals first. They make moving around not just convenient but also kind on your wallet.

Retail discounts (Nike, Target, Amazon)

You love shopping at Nike, Target, and Amazon. Good news! These places offer great deals just for you as a college student. At Nike, get shoes and gear at lower prices with your student ID.

Target gives special discounts on essentials to make your dorm feel like home. And Amazon? You hit the jackpot there. Enjoy six months of free Amazon Prime. That means quick shipping on books and gadgets, plus tons of movies and shows.

I needed new headphones and found an amazing deal through Amazon’s student discount—saved enough to grab an extra pair for my roommate too! Shopping with these discounts feels like unlocking secret savings every time you check out online or show your ID in stores.

Use them well and save big on everything from textbooks to workout clothes.


Saving money in college is easy if you know where to look. Deals on software, food, rides, and clothes are everywhere. Companies like Adobe and Spotify offer big discounts just for students.

And places like UNiDAYS make finding these deals simple. So, start saving today with these awesome student offers. Your wallet will thank you!


1. What deals can you get with an Apple student discount?

You, yes you! You can save big on a new laptop or iPad for school with the Apple student discount. Think of it as a little “thank you” from Apple for hitting the books hard.

2. How does the AT&T Unlimited Premium plan work for students?

Picture this: endless streaming, surfing, and socializing without worrying about your data cap. That’s what AT&T offers to keep you connected on campus and beyond.

3. Can I really save money at movie theaters and fast food restaurants as a college student?

Absolutely! Just flash your International Student Identity Card at places like dominos or your local cinema, and watch those prices drop. It’s like having a magic wallet!

4. What is the Doordash Student DashPass Plan all about?

Imagine getting your favorite foods delivered right to your dorm door without those pesky delivery fees eating into your budget. With Doordash’s special plan for students, that dream becomes reality.

5. Are there any discounts available on car insurance for college students?

Yes! Companies like Nationwide Insurance understand that textbooks shouldn’t cost more than car insurance, so they offer sweet deals just for being in school – because every penny counts.