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The Ultimate Guide To Student Discounts On Entertainment

As a college student, you’re always on the lookout for ways to save money. From textbooks to meals, the costs add up quickly. Now, think about your downtime—how you unwind or entertain yourself. Those movie nights, binge-watching sessions, and jamming to music? They also have price tags that can make anyone pause. Here’s some good news: there are plenty of discounts out there just for students like you.

In June 2024 alone, services like Disney+, Amazon Audible, and Hulu are offering fantastic deals designed with students in mind. Imagine enjoying your favorite shows or books without draining your wallet! This guide will walk through how you can snag these savings and make your leisure time as cost-effective as it is enjoyable. Ready to discover the benefits of student discounts on entertainment? Read on!

The importance of student discounts

Student discounts make a big difference for you. They help save money on things you love and need, like streaming services, fast food, and even bike sharing. Think about it—every dollar saved is a dollar that can go towards your college expenses or let you enjoy more of what life offers without breaking the bank.

Companies like Amazon Prime, Spotify, and Adobe Creative Cloud offer special prices just for students. Plus, by using apps like UNiDAYS and Student Beans, you prove you’re a student and access these awesome deals.

Local places eat up the chance to give students discounts too. Fast food joints near your campus might have special deals they don’t advertise online. Even bike sharing services in your city could cost less if you ask about student rates.

It’s all about asking around or checking out their websites with your school email ready at hand. This way of saving is smart—you keep more cash in your pocket and learn how to look for the best offers out there as part of managing your budget wisely.

Saving as a student doesn’t just mean cutting corners; it’s about making smart choices that add up over time.

Types of Student Discounts on Entertainment

You can save money on things you watch and listen to. Many services like Amazon Prime for movies, Spotify for music, and Hulu for TV shows offer discounts if you’re a student.

Streaming services (e.g. Amazon Prime, Spotify, Hulu)

Saving money as a college student is key. Good thing, streaming services offer great deals just for you.

  1. Amazon Prime gives you 6 months of no cost for Prime & Prime Video. This means free shipping for your textbooks and access to tons of movies and shows.
  2. Spotify cuts its Premium plan by 50% for students. Enjoy millions of songs and podcasts without ads interrupting your study sessions.
  3. Hulu offers a $1.99 monthly subscription deal. Watch your favorite shows at a fraction of the usual cost.
  4. For those who enjoy live TV, Hulu gives a 7-day free trial for Hulu + Live TV. Test it out to see if it fits your schedule and interests.
  5. Students get 30 days to try Hulu at no cost. It’s perfect for binge-watching during breaks between semesters.
  6. Apple Music lowers its monthly rate for students, plus throws in free access to TV+. That means both your music and show cravings are covered.

Each service opens up a world of entertainment without breaking the bank. All you need is your student ID or an email address from your college to sign up and start saving immediately on these platforms.

Other entertainment platforms (e.g. Peacock, Paramount+, YouTube Premium, Apple TV+)

Saving money as a college student matters a lot. You have many options to enjoy movies, shows, and music for less. Here’s how:

  1. Peacock offers a variety of shows and movies at no cost, but for more premium content like live sports, you might want to check out their student deals.
  2. Paramount+ steps up with discounts on its streaming service that features live TV, movies, and exclusive shows. Keep an eye out for student pricing during signup.
  3. YouTube Premium is a go-to for ad-free videos and access to YouTube Music. Students can get a special rate that makes binge-watching and music streaming cheaper.
  4. With Apple TV+, students can enjoy original shows and movies without ads. When you sign up for Apple Music at a discounted student rate, you also get free access to TV+.

How to Find Student Discounts

To find student discounts, start by checking well-known websites and apps that list deals. They help you get lower prices for things like movies, music streaming, and more with just your school email.

Popular websites and apps for student discounts

Saving money as a college student is key. You need to know where to look for the best entertainment discounts.

  1. UNiDAYS – This site checks if you’re really a student. Once it knows you are, get ready for big savings on things like Lenovo laptops, Adidas gear, and even car insurance. They have lots of deals on streaming services too.
  2. Student Beans – Just like UNiDAYS, this online platform needs to know you’re in school. After that, enjoy discounts on everything from fast food restaurants to movie theaters. It’s perfect for when you want to eat out or watch the latest flick without spending too much.
  3. – Not just for students, but they offer special deals if you are one. Get lower prices on electronics and even office software like Office 365. They make checkout painless with options like PayPal.
  4. Academic Software Discounts – Find the best prices on tools needed for school projects, such as AutoCAD or Media Composer; these are essentials for specific courses.
  5. Tech Store Discounts – Apple and Dell give special prices if you use your student ID during purchase; think iPads or laptops at a fraction of the cost.
  6. Entertainment Platforms – Certain platforms provide reduced rates for access to premium video content and music streaming services including Amazon Prime, Hulu, Spotify, plus newer ones like MGM+ and Peacock.

Check offers often as they can change; always look for updates before making a purchase through affiliated links or planning an in-store pickup.

Benefits of signing up for a student discount membership

After exploring various websites and apps for student discounts, it’s clear that getting a membership can be a game-changer. You get access to deals on movie tickets at places like AMC Theaters, savings on dining out, and even cheaper rates for on-demand shows from services like Hulu.

Imagine watching your favorite YouTube videos or enjoying new movies without worrying too much about the cost.

With memberships, you save money and time. Colleges often partner with companies to offer these benefits directly through school portals. By using your college admission status, you find exclusive offers created just for students.

Plus, some platforms provide analytics tools to help you track your spending and savings over time. This means more money stays in your pocket for essentials or even saving up for something big down the line.

Top Entertainment Student Discounts to Take Advantage Of

Ready for some sweet deals on fun stuff? Great, because there’s a whole bunch of discounts out there just for you as a student. You can save money on things like watching movies at home or even sharing rides with friends.

And here’s the cool part – finding these discounts is pretty easy. So, keep an eye open and your student ID ready!

75+ best student discounts for electronics, food and dining, transportation, insurance, cell phone providers, memberships and subscriptions, and retail purchases.

Saving money is key for you as a college student. Student discounts can help you keep more cash in your pocket. Here are over 75 ways to save on electronics, meals, getting around, insurance, phone plans, and more.

  1. Adobe gives you big price cuts on software.
  2. Apple makes its gadgets cheaper for you.
  3. AT&T slices up to $10/month per line on their Unlimited Premium plan just for students.
  4. Microsoft offers discounts on its products and software.
  5. Samsung has special deals on electronics for students.
  6. Blue Apron lets you enjoy cooking at home for less.
  7. DoorDash sometimes provides codes that cut down your delivery fees.
  8. EveryPlate offers meal kits at a discount, making eating well cheaper.
  9. HelloFresh has special plans at lower prices for students who love fresh food.
  10. Chic-fil-A gives you a free drink when you buy with your student ID in some places.
  11. Chipotle sometimes throws in an extra treat or snack if you show your ID.
  12. McDonald’s often takes a bit off the bill for students at certain locations.
  13. Amtrak cuts 15% off travel tickets so visiting home won’t break the bank.
  14. GM’s college discount helps you own a car with less financial strain by offering special pricing below the MSRP – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price – on select models.

    15a. Allstate offers cheaper rates if you’re studying full-time and under 25 without being married.

15b. Geico reduces your bill by 15% if you’re doing well in school.

16: AT&T trims down mobile bills for those hitting the books hard.

17: Amazon Prime hooks you up with six months free; then it’s at a bargain rate afterward.

18: Spotify plays your favorite tunes at half price with their student deal.

19: Hulu has slashed its subscription fee so catching up on shows costs less.

20: Peacock streams movies and shows to students at reduced rates.

21: Paramount+ opens up its library of films and series to students at a lower cost.

22: YouTube Premium lets students watch and listen ad-free without paying full price.

23: Apple TV+ invites students to enjoy original content without spending as much.

24: School counselors often have the inside scoop on discounts, so check with them.

25: Websites like UNiDAYS collect tons of student deals all in one place – from cookies to movie theatre tickets.

26: On-demand services like car sharing and bike share systems offer student rates so traveling around campus is cheaper and easier.

27a: MSRP – Always ask if there’s a student discount before buying electronics or signing up for new services!

27b: Coupon codes can be found online or through apps perfect for students looking for deals across various categories such as food delivery or retail purchases – never shop without one!

28a:Fees can sometimes be waived or reduced for memberships and subscriptions if proof of enrollment is provided – always worth asking about!

28b:I’ve personally saved hundreds by simply flashing my student ID or entering my university email when checking out online; it really does add up over time!


So, you now know all the cool ways to cut costs on fun stuff while studying. From tunes on Spotify to binge-watching on Hulu, deals are everywhere. Websites and apps are your go-to for snagging these discounts.

Don’t miss out—grab that 50% off on gear at B&H or enjoy movies with Disney+ for less. Make every penny count while enjoying the best of entertainment effortlessly.