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Student Savings 101: Navigating The World Of Discounts And Offers

Are you a college student looking for ways to save money? You’re not alone. Many students feel the pinch when budgeting for textbooks, meals, and all those little expenses that add up fast.

The good news is there’s a treasure trove of student discounts out there waiting for you—from tech gear like Adobe Creative Cloud and electronics at Best Buy to everyday needs including meals from HelloFresh or rides with New Jersey Transit.

One exciting fact is that services like UNiDAYS and Student Beans give exclusive deals just for students. This article will guide you through finding these discounts, how to use them, and tips on making your dollars stretch further.

Get ready to save big! Keep reading—you might be surprised by what you can save on.

Understanding Student Discounts

Student discounts cut the cost of things you buy every day. Show your college ID or sign up online to get these savings on many items like laptops and sandwiches.

Types of Available Discounts

Saving money is easier for you as a college student. Many companies offer discounts just for you.

Here are the types of available discounts:

  1. Tech and Electronics: Get deals on laptops, phones, and software. Companies like Samsung give up to 20% off. You can also save on subscriptions such as Amazon Prime Student and Office 365.
  2. Insurance: Save money on car insurance with discounts from Allstate, GEICO, Nationwide Insurance, and more. They understand students need to save where they can.
  3. Cell Phone Plans: AT&T Unlimited Premium and Verizon have special prices for students. This helps keep your phone bill lower each month.
  4. Memberships and Subscriptions: Enjoy lower prices on services like Pandora Premium Student, Peloton, SoundCloud Go+, The Wall Street Journal, and Babbel for learning new languages.
  5. Food and Dining: Fast food restaurants and food delivery services like UberEats often have special offers or cash-back deals just for students.
  6. Clothing and Accessories: Stores such as J.Crew, Madewell, Kate Spade, Levi’s, The North Face, New Balance, Vera Bradley, and Purple Mattresses welcome students with open arms by offering good deals on fashion and essentials.
  7. Entertainment and Travel: Movie theatres like AMC Theaters and Regal Movie Theatres cut ticket prices for students. Websites like Spotify Premium provide discounted rates on music streaming services; plus YouTube Premium might throw in extra benefits too.
  8. Cover Educational Costs: Textbooks are known to be pricey; although, companies such as Spotify Premium offer discounted memberships to platforms that help with saving a bit more on products related to flights or accommodations through services like Student Universe.
  9. Fitness: Some fitness brands provide special rates or conditions to keep you active without breaking the bank – Peloteria is one among them offering specific programs at a reduced rate for students.

Each discount type needs you to show that you’re a student—usually your college ID or an email address works fine.

How to Access These Offers

You want to save money as a college student. Good news, lots of discounts await you. Here’s how you can get your hands on these offers:

  1. Always have your student ID with you. It’s your key to unlock discounts. Show it in stores, restaurants, or anywhere else to prove you’re a student.
  2. Sign up on UNiDAYS and Student Beans. These platforms verify that you’re a student and give you access to exclusive deals.
  3. Use SheerID for additional verification if needed. Some deals might require an extra step to confirm your student status.
  4. Check out credit card offers that target students. You might get cash back on purchases, gift cards, or special discounts.
  5. Look for military and teacher discounts too—some places offer them to students who also serve or teach.
  6. Explore discounts on electronics and software first since they can be the most expensive purchases. Apple Music and the App Store often have deals for students.
  7. Don’t forget about savings on food and dining out like Blue Apron or Domino’s pizza specials just for students.
  8. Keep an eye open for clothing deals at national retail federation members’ stores; your ID can snag you a lower price.
  9. Use your student status for cheaper tickets in entertainment and travel—from car sharing services to bike sharing programs, there are many options.
  10. Timing matters! Shop during back-to-school seasons or major sales events to maximize savings on top of student discounts.
  11. Ask around – school counselors, sorority or fraternity members often know about less-known deals available exclusively within college communities.
  12. Don’t overlook local businesses near campus; they may offer unofficial student discounts not widely advertised online.
  13. Media composer software, usually pricey, often has great educational pricing which could save hundreds over regular MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price).

14.Start collecting credits through apps by referring friends or joining new user promotions—these can add up to significant savings over time.

Top Categories for Student Discounts

Saving money as a student gets easier when you know where to look for discounts. From gadgets and apps to meals and clothes, there’s a bunch of ways to spend less while studying.

Electronics and Software

You’ll love saving money on electronics and software with your student ID. Companies like Adobe offer a 60% discount for students and teachers on their Creative Cloud. That means tools for drawing, editing photos, and more are way cheaper.

Apple gives college students lower prices all year round, perfect when you’re eyeing that new MacBook or iPad.

For phones and service plans, AT&T cuts up to $10/month per line for its Unlimited Premium plan just for students. If you’re into coding, Codecademy has a 35% discount on its Pro version.

Microsoft slashes the price of Office 365 Personal by half and offers up to 10% off other items too. Samsung also gets in on the action with discounts through its Education Offers Program.

I once used my own student ID to get these discounts myself – buying a new laptop from Apple was much easier on my wallet that way.

Being a student doesn’t just mean study; it means smart savings too, especially on tech.

Food and Dining

After looking into electronics and software deals, let’s shift gears to food and dining. As a college student, you know the value of a good meal deal. Places like Blue Apron, DoorDash, EveryPlate, HelloFresh, Home Chef offer tasty discounts for students.

Even fast-food spots are in on it. Love Subway or Domino’s? They’ve got special offers just for you.

Using your student status at eateries can lead to big savings. I found out that with DashPass for students by DoorDash, getting meals delivered costs less. And when studying late doesn’t leave time to cook, these services are lifesavers.

Don’t forget – checking out might land you some snack bargains too!

Clothing and Accessories

You love to look good. But, you also like to save money. Great news! Many stores offer special deals just for students like you. For example, The Iconic cuts 10% off its prices for students.

Cotton On goes even further by giving a 15% discount. Shein makes it tempting with an extra 15% off sitewide.

Finding these deals is easy with platforms like UNiDAYS which connects you to discounts at places like Glassons and Universal Store too. Just sign up, prove you’re a student, and start saving on your favorite clothes and accessories.

Next up? How about we talk entertainment and travel savings for all those fun breaks between studies?

Entertainment and Travel

After filling your closet with budget-friendly finds, it’s time to explore how you can save on fun and adventures. Entertainment doesn’t have to empty your wallet. Places like AMC Theaters, Cinemark, and even Carnegie Hall offer lower prices for students.

Imagine enjoying music, movies, and live performances more often because the tickets are easier on your pocket.

Traveling is another area where being a student pays off. Companies like Amtrak cut 15% off train rides and other purchases for students traveling by rail. Student Universe goes even further by offering cheaper rates on flights for young travelers like you.

Want to take a road trip but need a car? GM provides discounts on select vehicles for college attendees or recent grads. This means you can drive newer models while saving cash. From flying across states to watching the latest blockbuster at reduced prices—being in college has its perks beyond the classroom.

Key Platforms for Finding Student Discounts

To find the best deals for students, websites like UNiDAYS, Student Beans, and SheerID are your go-to spots. These sites help you get discounts on things like laptops and clothes to pizza and rides.

Make sure to check them out for some awesome savings!


UNiDAYS is a cool spot for you if you’re looking to save some cash as a student. This site gives you quick, free access to lots of exclusive deals just for students like you. Think about getting 10% off your favorite clothes at Glassons or saving 15% when shopping at Cotton On.

Yes, those savings add up! You can look for deals that work both online and in stores, which is super handy. Plus, UNiDAYS lets you pick discounts based on what matters to you—maybe it’s by gender or maybe it’s finding the hottest deal that’s ending soon.

You’ll find offers from all sorts of brands rolling across their website, which means there’s always something new popping up. Whether it’s scoring discounts on bike shares to zip around campus or grabbing a special offer for Domino’s when study sessions run late into the night, UNiDAYS has got your back.

Filtering by things like “ending soon” helps make sure you never miss out on big savings because who likes paying full price? Not students, that’s for sure! And with options sorted from A-Z, hunting down deals is as easy as pie—or should we say as simple as clicking ‘order’ on your discounted pizza?

Student Beans

Moving from UNiDAYS, let’s talk about Student Beans. It’s another great way for you to save money as a college student. Just like you need your college ID for the library, you’ll use it here to unlock lots of discounts online and in stores.

Think of it as your golden ticket to savings on things you buy every day.

Student Beans gives deals on food—like Domino’s pizza when you’re studying late and need a snack—and even tech stuff for school, such as Evernote for note-taking. They also offer military discounts if that applies to you or someone you know.

Signing up is easy and quick—you just verify your student status, and then start saving right away. I’ve used their discounts myself and was amazed at how much I could save on purchases without jumping through hoops.

It’s like having an extra bit of cash for those tight-budget weeks!


SheerID helps you find deals just for students like you. It checks if you are a student and lets businesses know. This way, you get to save money on things you love. For example, SheerID can get you 25% off all online orders at M·A·C Cosmetics.

Imagine getting your favorite beauty products for less! Plus, if gadgets are more your thing, there’s up to 20% off at Samsung waiting for you.

The process is simple. First, prove that you’re a student through SheerID’s system. Then, enjoy discounts from many areas – clothes shops, tech stores, places to eat, and even when buying tickets for trips or shows.

Saving money while in college matters a lot because every penny counts.

Using Sheering ID saves money and opens a wide range of brands eager to offer special prices exclusively for students.

Tips for Maximizing Savings

To save more money, always show your student ID. Many places offer special prices just for students. Also, keep an eye on the calendar. Some deals are better at certain times of the year.

Verification Processes

Proving you’re a student gets you savings. Always have your student ID ready. Show it at stores and restaurants to ask about discounts. Some places might not tell you they offer lower prices for students unless you ask.

For online deals, websites like UNiDAYS and Student Beans will need proof too. They might ask for your college email or other details to make sure you really are a student.

Using SheerID helps a lot with this process. It works on different websites to check if you’re eligible for offers meant just for students. This way, getting deals on electronics, clothes, or even pizza from Dominos becomes easier—and who doesn’t love saving money where they can? Plus, keeping an eye out for special promotions around the start of school or holiday times means even bigger discounts.

So, checking your eligibility early and often is key!

Timing for Best Deals

To snag the best deals, keep an eye on seasonal promotions and back-to-school offers. These times often bring extra savings. You can save more on things like laptops for your studies or even get discounts at your favorite eateries.

Also, sorting through these offers is easy. You can look for what works best whether online or right in stores near you. Plus, with filters based on gender or what’s hot right now, finding a deal that fits you is simple.

The early bird gets the worm, especially during seasonal sales.

During these peak moments, don’t forget to check out platforms like UNiDAYS and Student Beans for exclusive offers. They gather tons of deals just for students like you—from credit cards designed to give cashback on purchases to discounted iTunes music subscriptions.

With options to sort from A-Z or by how big the discount is, grabbing that must-have item at its lowest price becomes much easier than scanning every store’s website one by one.


Saving money as a college student just got easier. With platforms like UNiDAYS, Student Beans, and SheerID, you have many ways to cut costs on things you love and need. From tech gadgets and tasty food to cool clothes and fun trips, discounts are everywhere.

Just show you’re a student, and watch the prices drop. Keep an eye out for those special times when deals get even better. Happy saving!