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Fashionably Frugal: Discovering Student Discounts On Clothing

Are you a college student looking to freshen up your wardrobe without emptying your wallet? You’re in the right spot. With the cost of textbooks, rent, and everything else stacking up, finding a way to save on fashion might seem hard.

But here’s some good news: June 2024 is full of fantastic deals for students like you at stores you love. From Nike to Forever 21, discounts range from 10% all the way up to an astonishing 75% off.

This article will guide you through student discounts on clothing. You’ll learn how these savings work and where to find them online or at physical shops. Plus, we’ll share other surprising areas where your student status can net you great deals—think technology with Apple or Adobe’s Creative Cloud, travel perks with Amtrak and United Airlines, plus entertainment treats like Spotify and Amazon Prime Video.

Ready for more cash in your pocket? Keep reading.

What Is Student Discount and How it Works

A student discount lets you pay less if you’re in school. You show your school ID or use your school email to get these deals online.

Definition of student discount

Student discounts are special price cuts just for you, because you’re in college. Brands and stores offer these discounts to help you save money on everything from clothes to tech gadgets.

You might see offers for 10% off or even up to 75% off. Sometimes, they also let you get extra savings on items already on sale.

To get these discounts, often all you need is your student ID or a school email address. This shows the store that you’re really a student. Once verified, you can enjoy lower prices on things like tablets, laptops, and even subscriptions for video streaming services like Hulu or music apps like Spotify.

And yes—this includes getting better deals when shopping online at places like or when using entertainment services YouTube Music offers.

Next up: How to access and use student discounts effectively.

How to access and use student discounts

Now that you know what a student discount is, let’s discuss how to get and use these discounts. Saving money is easy if you know where to look.

  1. First, check if your favorite stores offer student discounts. Brands like ASOS and Forever 21 often have deals for students.
  2. Sign up for UNiDAYS and SheerID. These platforms verify your student status so you can access discounts.
  3. Always use your school email when signing up for discount programs. This email proves that you’re a student.
  4. Keep your student ID with you. Some stores ask for it before giving you the discount.
  5. Look for special offers on tech too. Apple and Microsoft give price cuts on gadgets like Macbook Air and software like Photoshop.
  6. Don’t forget about apps and online services! Spotify has special pricing for students, making entertainment cheaper.
  7. Use credit cards that offer cash-back rewards on purchases, including Apple Card or any other card that benefits students.
  8. Search for transportation deals too, like discounted fares from Amtrak or exclusive rates with Zipcar, perfect for college road trips.
  9. Join student discount websites regularly hold contests where you can win gift cards or extra savings on purchases.
  10. For bigger buys, see if there’s a payment plan option—this spreads out the cost over time, making it easier on your wallet.

Using these strategies, I saved significantly on textbooks by spotting an Adobe Lightroom deal through UNiDAYS last semester—a real game-changer for my photography class without breaking the bank!

Benefits of student discounts

Student discounts save you money. Simple as that. Think of all the extra cash for clothes, food from UberEats, or even a new Galaxy Fold you’ve been eyeing. These savings stretch your budget further.

You feel smart grabbing those limited-time offers with free shipping or exclusive deals just for being a student.

You also get special perks like cash back on buys through apps like iTunes and the App Store or software upgrades on Evernote to help with studies. And it’s not just about buys; some stores throw in more discounts for military and veteran students too.

Sharing these deals with friends makes everyone save big – imagine splitting costs on travels or group study tools! It’s like a win-win every time you show your student ID or use your school email online.

Clothing and Accessories Discounts for Students

Saving money on clothes and accessories is a big win for college students. Many top brands like ASOS, Forever 21, and Madewell offer special deals just for you. You can get a good chunk off the price tag with these discounts.

Keep your style fresh without breaking the bank!

List of popular brands that offer student discounts (ASOS, Forever 21, Madewell, etc.)

You love to look good without breaking the bank. Lucky for you, tons of clothing brands offer student discounts. Here’s a list to help you save on fashion:

  1. ASOS – This global fashion destination gives you 10% off purchases until you graduate.
  2. Forever 21 – Enjoy the latest trends with a sweet 15% discount just for being a student.
  3. Madewell – Stock up on jeans and other essentials with a 15% discount at stores and online.
  4. Nike – Grab your next pair of sneakers or workout gear at 10% off.
  5. American Eagle Outfitters – Enjoy a 20% discount on your favorite jeans and tees.
  6. GAP – Update your wardrobe with a 10% discount across all their items.
  7. Adidas – Get ready for action with 15% off plus free shipping.
  8. Levi’s – The classic denim brand offers a 15% discount to students online.
  9. PUMA – Step up your shoe game with 10% off your purchase.
  10. UGG – Keep your feet cozy with a 10% student discount on UGGs.
  11. H&M – Fashion-forward and frugal? Save 15% on your next haul.
  12. Crocs – Comfort meets style, plus enjoy a 25% discount off site-wide.
  13. Princess Polly – On-trend styles are yours at a reduced price thanks to their student discount program.
  14. SHEIN – Freshen up your closet with SHEIN’s extra savings for students.
  15. PrettyLittleThing – Snag the hottest looks at a further cut-off price exclusively for students.
  16. Foot Locker – Score big on sports gear with a generous student discount.
  17. Lulus – Your go-to for dresses and chic wear, now with added savings for scholars.
  18. Gymshark – Upgrade your workout wardrobe and save money in the process.
  19. Pacsun – Surf, skate, and streetwear favorites are cheaper when you show your student ID.
  20. Topshop (Now part of ASOS) — Still offering great deals under its new umbrella, perfect for updating that weekend wardrobe.
  21. J.Crew — Prep up your style without draining your funds thanks to their student-friendly pricing.
  22. Dockers — Classic khakis and more are within reach, minus the full price tag.
  23. Express — Keep it trendy with discounts on new outfits perfect for both class and social outings.
  24. Dr.Martens — Toughen up any look with these iconic boots at prices that don’t hurt either.

Don’t miss out on technology deals like Youtube Premium, where you can enjoy ad-free music and videos at discounted rates! Also consider using tools like Student Beans or UNiDAYS to access these deals easily; they’re gateways to many more savings beyond fashion—think tech gadgets from Apple or Android devices—all made just for students like you who appreciate keeping some extra cash in pocket while still enjoying the good things in life.

Percentage discounts and special offers

Moving from the great range of brands that shower you with student discounts, let’s review the specifics. The discounts and special deals make shopping exciting and friendly on your wallet. Here’s a look at some standout percentages and offers you can grab:

Brand Student Discount Special Offers
Princess Polly 20% online N/A
SHEIN 15% online N/A
PrettyLittleThing Extra 5%, 40-60% off everything + extra 10% N/A
Foot Locker 20% online N/A
Lulus 20% online N/A
ASOS 10% online N/A
Gymshark 10% site-wide N/A
Diesel (End of Season Sale) 40% off N/A
Adidas (UNiDAYS Exclusive) 15% discount N/A

Each brand listed brings you closer to scoring big savings, making it easier to keep your wardrobe updated without draining your budget. Checking these deals out means planning your purchases around these sweet spots, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck. Also, these deals are specifically created for you, making your student status pay off in more ways than one. So, make sure to use that student ID or school email to access these exclusive offers. Keep an eye on expiration dates and special conditions that may apply. Happy shopping!

Other Student Discounts to Take Advantage Of

Students can save on more than just clothes. Tech gadgets, trips, and fun activities come with cool discounts too. Brands like the big fruit company and the window-focused tech giant cut prices for you.

Need to travel? Companies like the train service and a big airline have deals. And for chilling out, music streaming services and meditation apps make it cheaper.

To find these savings, look around online or ask friends. Sharing what you find helps everyone save money on stuff they need or enjoy.

Technology brands (Apple, Microsoft, Adobe)

You love tech and saving money. Great news! Some of your favorite tech brands like Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe offer student discounts.

  1. Apple gives you lower prices on laptops, iPads, and accessories through its Education Store. You can save up to $200 on a new MacBook or iPad.
  2. Microsoft offers up to 10% off on products for students. This includes Surface devices, software, and more.
  3. Adobe slashes 60% off its Creative Cloud services for students. Get access to Photoshop, Illustrator, and other apps at a fraction of the cost.
  4. Signing up for these discounts is easy. Use your school email or show your student ID online.
  5. Check each brand’s website often for short-time deals you shouldn’t miss.
  6. Sharing these tips with friends can help everyone save big on tech gear.
  7. Always check the National Retail Federation for even more student discount options across different brands.

Every dollar saved is a step closer to being fashionably frugal while keeping up with your tech needs without breaking the bank.

Travel and transportation (Amtrak, United Airlines, Zipcar)

Traveling as a college student means keeping an eye on your budget. Good news is, you can still explore and get back home without spending too much. Here’s how:

  1. Many train companies give special prices to students. This makes traveling by train affordable. You just need to show your student ID.
  2. Some big airline companies also cut down their prices for students. They understand you might want to fly home for the holidays or take a trip during spring break. Look out for these deals on their websites.
  3. Car sharing services are great for short trips around town or even longer road adventures with friends. With a valid student ID, sign-up costs less, and hourly rates are cheaper too.
  4. Don’t forget about local buses and subways. Many cities offer reduced fares for students which helps in day-to-day travel.
  5. Riding bikes is not only good for your health but kind to your wallet too! Check if your campus or city has a bike share program with discounts for students.
  6. Over the past summer, I traveled across three states using nothing but discounted student transport options—trains, flights, and car shares—all while sticking to my tight budget.
  7. Bike-sharing programs and public transport became my go-to for daily commutes, significantly cutting down my spendings.
  8. Discovering these student discounts opened up so many new opportunities for adventure without draining my bank account.

By taking advantage of these offers, you can stretch your dollars further and make those much-needed breaks from study not just possible but enjoyable too!

Entertainment and wellness (Spotify, Headspace, SoulCycle)

Saving money as a college student is key. You can enjoy great deals on entertainment and wellness, such as music streaming, mental health apps, and fitness classes.

  1. Spotify offers a special discount for students, cutting the price of their premium service in half. This means unlimited music without ads for less cash out of your pocket.
  2. Headspace, an app focused on meditation and mindfulness, gives students a hefty discount. It helps keep your stress low and your spirits high without spending much.
  3. SoulCycle provides discounted rates on their energetic group cycling classes to students. Exercising becomes more fun and affordable.
  4. To get these discounts, you usually need to sign up with your school email or show your student ID.
  5. These deals are not forever; they might only last while you’re in school or have limits like how long you can use them.
  6. Sharing these deals with friends can make staying healthy and entertained even cheaper.
  7. Keeping an eye out for limited-time offers can lead to even bigger savings on services that rarely go on sale.
  8. Signing up for alert emails from these brands lets you know when new student discounts pop up.
  9. Always read the fine print so you understand how to claim the offer and any conditions that apply.
  10. Renewing your student status each year ensures continuous discounts without interruption.

These tips come from personal experience – using student discounts has made it easier to manage my budget while still enjoying the things I love like listening to music, staying calm with meditation, and joining group workouts.

Tips for Finding and Using Student Discounts

To make the most of student discounts, always keep your school email and ID ready. Join programs like Student Beans or UNiDAYS to spot deals quickly. Watch for short-time offers and share tips with friends online.

This way, you save more money every day.

Sign up for student discount programs (Student Beans, UNiDAYS)

Joining programs like Student Beans and UNiDAYS is a smart move. They open doors to discounts on clothes, tech, and more. You just need your student ID or school email. It’s easy and fast.

Once you sign up, you get instant access to deals from brands you love.

I’ve used both programs to save on shopping. “It felt great saving money with just a few clicks.” Sharing these deals with friends makes it even better. So, don’t wait. Sign up now and start saving right away!

Use student ID or school email to verify eligibility

You need your student ID or school email to get discounts. Many stores ask for this to prove you are a student. Just show them or sign up with it online. It’s like a key that unlocks special deals just for students.

I did this last semester and saved a lot on clothes and tech stuff. You can too! Next, let’s talk about how to find these offers before they’re gone.

Keep an eye out for limited time offers and promotions

After getting your student ID or school email set up, the next step is to watch out for special deals that don’t last forever. These short-time offers can save you a lot of money. Sometimes, brands like Diesel might have a big sale at the end of a season where you can get things for 40% off.

That’s almost half price!

To make sure you don’t miss out, check your favorite stores and websites often. They might offer free shipping too, which means you won’t have to pay extra to get your items sent to you.

Sharing these finds with friends on social media or in comments can help them save money too. So keep an eye open and grab those deals before they’re gone!

Share knowledge with others through comments or social media

You might find a cool student discount on clothes and want to tell your friends. Social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram are great for this. You can post a link to the deal or take a photo of what you bought and share it in a story.

This way, your friends see how easy it is to save money too.

Sharing deals helps everyone save.

And don’t forget about comments under posts or videos online. If someone shares their finds, adding your own tips can help even more students grab discounts they didn’t know about.

It’s all about giving back so we can all enjoy more for less.


Saving money as a student just got cooler with all these fashion discounts. You can grab deals from top brands like Nike and Forever 21, cutting costs by up to 75%. No need for a full wallet to look sharp—just use your student ID or email.

Also, keeping an eye out for seasonal sales means even bigger savings. So, gear up, share the good news, and stay stylish without stretching your budget too thin.