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The Savvy Students Guide To Food Discounts: Unlocking The Best Deals

Eating out or ordering in? For college students, the cost adds up quick. You look for ways to save money without missing out on your favorite eats. Good news: many food joints offer student discounts.

From Subway to Domino’s and beyond, slashing meal costs is easier than you think.

In June 2024, explore discounts like never before, such as snagging 10% off at Huel all year round or chopping $10 off your first Uber Eats order. This article lights the way to hefty savings on meals, both in-store and delivered right to your door.

Ready for cheaper bites? Keep reading!

The Benefits of Student Discounts on Food

Moving from why it’s smart to save on meals, let’s talk about how student discounts make a big difference. You’re already paying a lot for tuition, books, and a place to live. Cutting down food costs helps keep more money in your pocket.

With student discounts at fast food restaurants and other places that serve food, you can sometimes get free stuff like large pizzas or drinks. Or you might pay less for what you buy.

All you need is your valid student ID to prove you’re in school. Then, when you go out or order food online from places like Domino’s or Arby’s, look for deals just for students.

This way, eating well doesn’t empty your wallet. Plus, finding these savings is easy—they’re right there at many of your favorite spots to grab a bite or enjoy a meal with friends.

Top Food Chains & Restaurants Offering Student Discounts

Many food places give students special deals. Places like Arby’s and Chick-fil-A are on the list.


Arby’s knows you’re studying hard and wants to help with a discount. But, it’s not the same at every place. You should call your local Arby’s before you go. This way, you make sure they offer a deal for students like you.

I once tried this myself. I called ahead and found out my local Arby’s had a great deal just for showing my student ID. It saved me money on my meal, which was awesome because I love their sandwiches but need to save where I can.

So, don’t miss out; a quick call could lead to some tasty savings at participating locations!


Chick-fil-A offers student discounts at some locations. This means you can save money on your favorite chicken sandwiches and waffle fries. You just need to show your college ID when you order.

Every place is different, so the deal might change where you are. It’s a good idea to ask first.

I tried this once at my local Chick-fil-A. I showed my student ID and got a free drink with my meal. It was easy and made eating out a little cheaper for me as a college student watching my budget closely.

So, next time you’re craving Chick-fil-A, bring your ID and ask if they have any discounts for students like you!


Domino’s offers you a way to eat more and spend less with student discounts. Sometimes, they even give out free large pizzas. Always ask at your local Domino’s to see what deals they have for students like you.

This can help make movie nights or study sessions better without breaking the bank.

Next up, let’s talk about McDonald’s and how they help students save money too.


McDonald’s knows you’re looking for ways to save money. They offer a student discount that might get you free large fries with your meal. This deal is great when you need a quick snack between classes or are hanging out with friends after school.

But, each McDonald’s place has different offers, so it’s smart to check before you go.

I once used this discount and got myself those free large fries without any hassle. It felt like finding hidden treasure because saving money on food means more cash for other stuff, like books or movie tickets at AMC theaters.

So next time, take a moment to ask about their student deals. You might just score some tasty savings!

Papa John’s

Papa John’s knows you’re looking for deals on tasty pizza. They offer student discounts, but the details change based on where you are. You might get a special price on your favorite large pizza or score a deal that makes feeding friends easy and cheap.

The trick is to check what’s up for grabs in your area.

I once used my student ID to snag a huge discount on two pizzas for a study group. We saved more than we expected, which was great because we had more cash left for snacks and drinks.

Always show your student ID and ask about the current offers; it can lead to some sweet savings at Papa John’s.

Burger King

Burger King gives you a break on prices if you’re in school. Before you go, make sure to call your local Burger King to check. They might have special deals just for students like you.

This can save you money for other things, like books or movies at Regal. Keep this spot in mind next time you crave a burger and want to keep some cash in your pocket.

Eating here with your student ID could mean paying less for the same great food. You get to enjoy tasty burgers without spending a lot of money. Plus, it’s an easy way to stretch your meal plan further while still eating something delicious.

So grab your ID, head over, and ask about the student discounts today!


Subway can be your go-to spot for savings. They often offer deals like a free medium drink with your meal, just for being a student. But, these great offers can change depending on where you are.

So it’s smart to ask at your local Subway about their current student discounts.

I once walked into a Subway near campus and simply showed my college ID. To my surprise, I got a drink without paying extra! It felt good to save money easily. Always keep an eye out and don’t hesitate to show your student ID – it could lead to more discounts than you expect.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Moving from Subway’s fresh sandwiches to something with a bit more kick, Buffalo Wild Wings is your go-to spot for wings and sports. This place offers you a chance to save some cash while enjoying your favorite games.

They give student discounts, but here’s the catch: it depends on where you are. So, make sure you ask at your local hangout before ordering.

It feels great walking into Buffalo Wild Wings, knowing you’ll spend less because of your student ID. I went there last Thursday and saved enough to get an extra side of fries. Just show them your ID, ask for any student deals they have, and boom – you might just get lucky with a discount on those spicy wings or whatever else catches your eye.

It’s all about asking what’s available at that location; not every place has the same deal.


After grabbing wings at Buffalo Wild Wings, you might crave something different next time. Qdoba has got your back with tasty options that won’t empty your wallet. This spot gives student discounts, but the deal can vary by location.

So, it pays to ask around or check online before you go.

Eating here feels good on your budget and tastes great too. On my first visit with a college ID in hand, I saved enough to get an extra side without spending more. It’s smart to keep an eye out for emails or signs at the store that tell you about current offers.

That way, you never miss out on saving money while enjoying good food.

How to Find and Take Advantage of Student Discounts on Food

Check if your favorite places to eat, like Dairy Queen or Waffle House, offer deals for students. Sometimes, discounts are hidden and not everyone knows about them. Always ask when you order.

You might save money on that burger or ice cream you love so much.

Use apps and websites designed for students to find these deals faster. Student Beans is a great place to start looking for discounts on food and more. They list offers from many eateries where students can grab a bite without spending too much.

Filters help you sort through the options by what’s online or in-store, how popular they are, and even new deals that just came out. Also, don’t forget to see if there are any special offers for first-time orders like free delivery or a big percentage off your meal – these can make eating out a lot cheaper!


Saving money on food just got easier for you, the smart student. With so many places like Arby’s and Domino’s offering discounts, your options are wide open. Think about it—you get to enjoy your favorite meals without spending too much.

Finding these deals means more cash stays in your pocket. So, keep an eye out for those student discounts everywhere you go—online or at the store—and make the most of them. Your wallet will thank you later!