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Tech On A Student Budget: Uncovering Student Discounts On Electronics

You’re always looking for ways to save money. Electronics are pricey, but you need them for school. Good news—students can get big discounts on gadgets. These savings come from top brands like Apple and Samsung.

UNiDAYS is one tool that helps students find deals on electronics, from phones to laptops. Our blog will show you how to use student discounts to stretch your budget. You’ll learn which brands offer the best deals and how to snag them.

Get ready to save!

Benefits of Student Discounts on Electronics

Student discounts on gadgets mean more money in your pocket. You can get deals on big brand names and a range of items, from laptops to phones to software. Plus, special offers just for students might pop up, giving you even better savings or fun extras.

Savings on top brands

Big names like Apple, Dell, and Samsung give you special prices just because you’re a student. They know school costs a lot. So, they help by cutting prices on things you need for class or to stay connected.

For example, Apple knocks off the price on some of its gadgets for students and teachers. And Dell? They go further by taking an extra 5% off if you show them your student ID.

You can sign up with websites like Student Beans right from your inbox to catch these deals fast. It feels good to save money on brands that everyone talks about. I personally saved a bunch when I bought my laptop through Dell’s student offer last semester—it was easy and made my budget happy.

Saving money as a student doesn’t mean settling for less.

Wide range of products

You can find student discounts on a lot of tech items. This includes laptops, tablets, phone accessories, desktop computers, video game gear, and online subscriptions. Companies like HP give you up to 40% off on things like printers and monitors if you’re a student.

The point is – whatever gadget or accessory you need for school or play, there’s likely a discount waiting for you.

Looking for savings doesn’t mean skimping on quality either. With brands like Apple, Best Buy, Amazon Prime Student, and Samsung offering cuts on prices just for students, you’re getting the good stuff but paying less.

My own laptop came at a great price with an academic discount from Lenovo – it was easy to claim and saved me enough to pick up some extras I needed too. Before moving forward make sure to check out how to get these deals yourself.

Exclusive offers and giveaways

Students like you can find more than just discounts. Look out for exclusive offers and free things too. Sites such as UNiDAYS serve up cool deals on items like portable computers, tablets, and cell phones.

But that’s not all. They even have drawings, stories to read, videos to watch, and polls to take part in.

Imagine getting up to $400 off on washing machines or dryers from Samsung. Or think about boosting the value of your old tablet by $800 when you switch it for a new Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra.

These deals change often so keeping an eye out means more savings for you.

Now let’s see how to actually find these student discounts on electronics.

How to Find Student Discounts on Electronics

Looking for ways to save on gadgets? It’s not hard. Start by asking in stores or looking at their websites. They often share deals there. You can also check out sites made just for student savings.

Plus, some memberships are made for students and give you special prices.

Check with individual retailers

Going straight to the stores that sell gadgets might help you save money. Best Buy, for example, has special deals for students who sign up for a My Best Buyer account. Don’t forget about Dell and Apple either.

Both offer exclusive discounts just for students like you. All it takes is showing them your student ID or using your school email to prove you’re in college.

Saving on electronics starts with asking the right questions at your favorite stores.

After checking these places, look into websites that focus on discounts for students next.

Utilize student discount websites

You can save money on electronics through student discount sites like UNiDAYS and Student Beans. These places offer deals on things like laptops, phones, and more for students. For example, if you’re looking into getting a Google Pixelbook or other tech gadgets, Student Beans has got you covered with some discounts.

Similarly, UNiDAYS gets you savings on various tech items that can help stretch your budget further.

I once used UNiDAYS to get a new laptop for school at a much lower price than what was listed in stores. It felt great to keep some extra cash in my pocket! Always check these websites before buying any electronic item; they often have exclusive offers that are not available elsewhere.

Next up: consider signing up for memberships specifically designed for students.

Sign up for student-specific memberships

After exploring student discount websites, think about joining memberships made just for students. These memberships give you deals and perks that are hard to find anywhere else. For example, Amazon Prime Student lets you enjoy a free trial for six months.

That’s half a year without paying! Plus, you get discounts on things like textbooks and electronics.

I once signed up for Microsoft 365 Personal at half off because I was a student. It was easy to do and saved me so much money. Just show you’re in school, and companies like Lenovo will cut 5% off their prices for laptops and more.

This way, you save cash now and it also helps manage your budget better over time.

Top Brands That Offer Student Discounts on Electronics

Many big names in electronics offer special deals just for students. Brands like Apple give discounts on gadgets, while Best Buy cuts prices for you if you show them your student ID.

Amazon Prime Student gives you fast shipping and more, all at half the cost. And Samsung lowers its rates on phones and laptops too. These deals help you save money for other things or even future tech buys.

Keep reading to find out how to get these discounts!


Apple gives special prices for students and teachers. You can save up to 30% on some items like smartphones, laptops, and extras. This is great because you get deals on things that really help with school work and projects.

These discounts are available on their website, making it easy to buy what you need without spending too much.

Education pricing makes a big difference.

Next, let’s look at Best Buy and what they have for students.

Best Buy

Best Buy has great deals for students like you, looking to save on electronics. This store is not just in Canada and the United States, but also welcomes international customers online.

You can buy from and have your items shipped to any U.S. address. Handy, right? Plus, their website speaks your language – be it English, French, or Spanish.

You might wonder how easy it is to get these student discounts at Best Buy. It’s simple! From my own experience, I found that signing up with a student email got me access to special deals right away.

Computers, tablets, phones — whatever tech you need — Best Buy likely has a discount for it. And those savings? They add up fast when you’re trying to manage college expenses alongside everyday needs.

Amazon Prime Student

Moving on from Best Buy, let’s talk about Amazon Prime Student. This membership gives you a 6-month free trial, which is awesome for saving money. You get discounts on lots of items.

Plus, shipping costs nothing for many things you buy. And there’s more – you can watch movies and shows on Prime Video without paying extra.

Besides these cool perks, Amazon Prime Student has special deals only for students like you. Imagine getting more savings just because you’re in college. This makes it easier to buy what you need without spending too much money.


Samsung gives you great deals on their products. You can save up to 30% on laptops and tablets. If you need a new phone or tablet, they also offer an $800 enhanced trade-in credit for the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra and select Galaxy Z Fold5 models.

This means if you have an old device, Samsung will give you a big discount on a new one when you trade it in.

You might want to check out their discounts on household appliances too. They take up to $400 off certain washers and dryers. This is perfect if your place needs a laundry upgrade without breaking the bank.

By using these deals, I managed to get a high-quality washer from them at a price that didn’t empty my wallet. It was an easy process, proving that upgrading your tech and home appliances as a student doesn’t have to be hard or expensive with Samsung’s student discounts.

Utilizing Student Discounts for Electronics

Using student discounts on gadgets means you can get your hands on the tech you need for school without spending too much. This smart move helps you save now and stash away some cash for later, making every dollar count.

College essentials

Finding deals on college must-haves like laptops and printers can make school a bit easier. Say you grab that Dell laptop for up to $600 off or an HP printer at 40% off; you’re setting yourself up without breaking the bank.

You need these tools to keep up with assignments, projects, and research. Plus, imagine getting Microsoft 365 Personal at half price. It’s all about smart shopping – using those student discounts to get top-notch gear.

Acer also gives a sweet deal with 10% off and free shipping. This way, when you order your electronics online, you save more than just money—you save time too. And who doesn’t love extra dollars in their pocket? Your savings can go towards books or even start a fund for after graduation.

The key is knowing where these deals are and making the most of them.

Moving on, think about how much money gets tied up in big purchases…

Saving for future purchases

Once you’ve got your college essentials, it’s smart to think about saving for the next big thing. Tech gadgets improve fast. Last year’s top phone might not cut it next year. Here’s how Samsung and Apple help you with that.

Samsung gives a hefty $800 off if you trade in certain old devices for new Galaxy ones. Apple lets students save on future tech upgrades with special education pricing.

By using these deals, I managed to upgrade my laptop without breaking the bank last semester. It felt good getting a deal meant just for students like us. Plus, joining Amazon Prime Student made buying books and other stuff cheaper throughout the year.

Lenovo also has a neat 5% off everything on their site which can add up when you’re eyeing something pricey.

Being a savvy shopper

Use student discounts on gadgets to keep more money in your pocket. See, big names like Apple and Samsung want you here. They offer deals through UNiDAYS and Student Beans just for students like you.

Check these sites often; they’re treasure maps to savings on electronics. And don’t forget Dell and Best Buy – show them you’re a student, and watch the price tags shrink.

Signing up for Amazon Prime Student can save you loads over time, not just on tech but also on books and everyday needs. Always be on the lookout for limited-time offers, like those washers and dryers from Samsung that suddenly cost less.

And it’s not just about gadgets – these memberships throw in freebies too. Now, let’s talk about how using these discounts can help with college essentials….


You’ve seen how discounts make tech affordable for students. Big names like Apple and Dell cut prices on gadgets you need, from handheld devices to computers. Websites give easy access to deals, making sure you don’t miss out.

Shopping smart means more money stays in your pocket. So, grab those offers and enjoy the tech that powers your study – and saves big too.