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Getting Around For Less: The Best Student Discounts On Transportation

You’re a student. You need to get around – to classes, work, maybe even some fun trips. But money? It’s tight. Every dollar saved matters. And here’s something you might not know: there are deals just for students like you on buses, trains, and more all across places like the Bay Area, San Francisco State University area, and beyond.

Amtrak cuts 15% off tickets for those aged 17-24. This deal covers over 500 spots in the U.S., from busy city centers direct to quieter downtowns. Plus, comfy seats and free Wi-Fi make it all the better.

Our blog will guide you through how to grab these savings on transportation—and other cool discounts too! Keep reading….

The Importance of Student Discounts on Transportation

Saving money on getting around is key for college students like you. Student discounts on rides make this easier. Take Amtrak, for instance; if you’re aged 17-24, you get to save 15%.

That’s not all. Trailways reaches more colleges and universities than any other ride service. And they do it while keeping the earth green, putting out the least carbon per mile traveled by passengers.

Students validated through qualify for up to a 15% discount on Trailways.

This means cheaper trips back home or exploring new cities with friends. Think of how much you can save and use elsewhere – maybe books or eating out. With these discounts from providers like Trailways and Amtrak, plus reduced fare programs across various transit systems – including buses and trains in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and many more – your student ID does more than just sit in your wallet.

It unlocks a world where saving becomes part of every journey.

Types of Student Discounts on Transportation

When you’re a student, every dollar counts. Luckily, there are lots of ways to save on getting around. Some schools partner with bus and train services to offer cheaper rides. You can also find special deals like reduced-fare programs and monthly passes just for students.

Plus, don’t forget apps that help you pay less for rideshares or bike rentals. So, whether you’re heading to class or exploring the city, these discounts make it easier on your wallet.

University Partnerships

Many colleges team up with transport services to save you money. Think of Trailways, which hits more schools than any other bus company. They even set up special buses during college breaks.

You could be going from Albany to the big city or darting from SUNY Cobleskill straight to NYC without breaking the bank. Imagine riding in comfort, maybe catching up on some reading or just watching the world zip by your window.

Your school might have a deal with local transit too—like discounts on passes for buses and trains, making daily commutes cheaper. Some might offer promotions with apps like Zipcar for times when you need to dash off-campus.

Ever used a Clipper card? It’s another way students at places like UCLA or CSU get around for less on public systems across San Francisco Bay area – from BART and Caltrain to buses that whisk you away across cities and towns, covering ground from Westwood near Los Angeles all through Livermore and into Fremont.

The idea is simple: more savings, less stress about getting where you need to go.

Reduced Fare Programs

Moving from university partnerships, you’ll find that reduced fare programs are a treasure trove for students looking to save on transit. Cities and transit agencies often have special deals for college students.

For example, the Los Angeles Metro and Golden Gate Transit offer discounts that make commuting much more affordable.

“Every dollar saved on travel is a dollar that can be spent elsewhere.”

You might need to show your current student ID or sign up through specific programs to get these savings. Students between ages 17-24, listen up – Amtrak knocks off 15% from your journey costs with just your age as the ticket! Plus, by proving you’re a student through, Trailways will cut down their price by up to 15%.

And don’t forget about those bus passes; if you’ve got a valid college ID card or Student Advantage Card, places like Greyhound welcome you with open arms—and a 15% discount off published fares at terminals or retail locations.

From personal experience, snagging these discounts feels like hitting little jackpots each time I commute. Whether it’s hopping aboard the San Francisco Airport’s public system or catching an Illinois Zephyr out of East Bay for spring break, every cent counts.

So make sure to check what’s available in your area and take full advantage of these offers—your wallet will thank you later.

Passes and Subscriptions

You can save a lot with passes and subscriptions for your rides. Schools partner with public transit systems to offer these deals. You get unlimited rides on buses and trains at a lower cost.

This means you can travel from home to class, go shopping, or hang out with friends without spending much.

For example, UCLA has deals with LA Metro for cheaper trips around the city. And it’s not just in Los Angeles. Across the country, colleges work with local transit like San Jose Diridon or Manteca to make sure you get where you need to go affordably.

Always check what your school offers—it could save you loads of cash on getting around.

Mobile Apps for Transportation Discounts

Mobile apps are your best friends for catching rides without spending lots of money. For example, Amtrak’s app lets you use a special code V814. With this, you get to save on trips like the Carl Sandburg or the Illini.

Think of sliding into comfy seats while keeping extra cash in your pocket. Plus, this app isn’t just about cheaper tickets. It also shows you a map to plan travels and shares ways trains help the planet.

Some students share how using Trailways makes life easier because they buy tickets not just at stations but online too — perfect for last-minute plans or when saving every penny counts.

And talking about savings, don’t forget services like Zipcars available through apps that make renting cars cheap and easy without all the hassle of ownership costs. So yes, by tapping on your phone screen a few times, those transit passes become more than just a ride; they’re a ticket to smarter student living.

How to Access Transportation Student Discounts

To get student discounts on buses and trains, you need to show you’re a student. This means applying for special cards like the Student Ventra Card and keeping your school status up to date.

Applying for Student Ventra Cards

Saving money on getting around is smart. You can do this with a Student Ventra Card. Here’s how:

  1. Check if your school takes part in the U-Pass program. Many places do, like Rio Hondo College.
  2. Visit your college’s student services office to ask for a Ventra application form.
  3. Fill out the form with all your details. Make sure you put in everything right.
  4. Provide proof that you’re a student. This can be your college ID or a letter from your school.
  5. Pay any fees if they’re needed for the Ventra card process.
  6. Wait for your application to get checked and approved by Ventra.
  7. Once approved, your Student Ventra Card comes in the mail or you pick it up, based on what they tell you.
  8. Add money to your card through the website, mobile app, or at a service booth found at stations.
  9. Check for discounts on rides like Amtrak where students aged 17-24 get 15% off if they buy tickets one day ahead.
  10. Update your card every year to keep getting student rates for rides on buses and trains around places like San Francisco or Tracy.
  11. Use Trailways too, since showing a college ID or Student Advantage Card gets you 15% off fares when buying from their terminals.
  12. Always carry your student ID with you when using discounted transportation options.

Renewing Student Riding Privileges

You need to keep your rides affordable. Renewing student riding privileges yearly helps a lot.

  1. Check the expiry on your current student ID or Student Advantage Card. Amtrak and other services ask for valid IDs. Keep yours ready.
  2. Visit the website where you got your card. This could be Amtrak for the Saluki or Hiawatha service, or a local transit site for something like the Altamont Corridor Express.
  3. Look for renewal forms online. Fill them out with up-to-date information.
  4. Upload a new photo if it’s asked for. Make sure it clearly shows your face.
  5. Submit proof of enrollment from your college, like a schedule or tuition receipt, to show you’re still studying.
  6. Pay any fees if needed; sometimes there’s a small charge to renew cards or get new passes.
  7. Wait for confirmation email or letter that tells you everything went through okay.

I once had to renew my own pass for the Highway 17 Express and found these steps straightforward but vital to keep in mind every year.

Next, let’s talk about how to register these cards for additional discounts…

Registering Cards for Discounts

Saving money on travel is a big deal for college students. Cards that offer discounts can make a difference. Here’s how you get those savings:

  1. Check if your college partners with any transportation services. Schools often team up with local transport authorities or companies to offer special deals.
  2. Find out which cards are available for students. Amtrak, for example, gives a 15% discount to students aged 17-24 who buy their tickets one day ahead.
  3. Apply for these cards early. Some cards, like the Student Ventra Card in Chicago, need you to apply through your school before you can get discounts.
  4. Have your student ID ready. You must show valid student identification to get discounts from Amtrak and when buying tickets at terminals or retail locations with Trailways.
  5. Use to verify your student status online. This service helps students get up to a 15% discount on Trailways without needing to be at the ticket counter.
  6. Register your card as soon as you get it. Most discount programs require an online activation process where you confirm your eligibility as a student.
  7. Renew any necessary permissions or subscriptions linked to the card each academic year or semester, depending on the program’s rules.

8; Load funds onto your card if needed; some discount programs work by letting you preload money onto a card that then gets used at a discounted rate for travel.

9; Keep an eye out for additional benefits tied to student travel cards – some might come with bonus offers like reduced rates on bike share programs in cities like San Francisco.

10; Share tips and tricks with friends – often, learning about new deals comes from talking with peers who have also navigated student discounts successfully.

Next up: Tips for using these student discounts effectively while traveling…

Tips for Using Student Discounts on Transportation

Getting around can cost a lot, especially for you as a student. Good news, there are ways to cut those costs using student discounts on transportation. Here are some tips:

  1. Always book your Amtrak trips at least one day before traveling. This way, you get to use your student discount without hassle.
  2. Carry your valid student identification every time you take Amtrak. You’ll need to show it if asked.
  3. Check if your university has partnerships with local transit systems. Schools like UCLA offer special passes and deals.
  4. Look into reduced fare programs that many cities offer for students. These programs can save you a significant amount each month.
  5. Think about getting a pass or subscription for the semester or year instead of paying per ride; it’s often cheaper.
  6. Use mobile apps focused on transportation discounts like Ventra for easy access to public transport savings in some areas.
  7. Apply for student Ventra cards if you’re in a city that uses them; they make riding buses and trains more affordable.
  8. Renew your riding privileges each school year to keep getting discounts.
  9. Register any discount cards online when possible; this can provide extra savings and convenience.
  10. Take advantage of electronics and software discounts related to transportation, such as apps or devices that help with bicycle sharing or finding the best routes.

By following these steps, you can stretch your budget further while moving from place to place during your college years.

Other Transportation Student Discounts to Take Advantage Of

Besides saving on rides, don’t miss out on discounts for things like computers and eating out. Keep reading to learn more!

Electronics and Software Discounts

Saving money on software and gadgets is a smart move. You can find deals for students that make tech items less expensive. Many stores offer discounts on computers, phones, and other electronics if you show your student ID.

Online, places like also have special prices for students. You might get a big discount on laptops or free shipping.

For example, I once bought a laptop for my classes at UCLA and saved 20% just by using my student email to sign up for deals. It was easy and helped me keep some extra cash in my pocket.

Next up, let’s look at how saving money doesn’t stop with tech – there are ways to enjoy more fun stuff without breaking the bank too.

Entertainment Discounts

You love movies, games, and concerts but hate how much they cost. Good news! There are discounts just for you. Many places like movie theaters, concert venues, and online streaming services offer cuts on prices if you show your student ID.

Imagine paying less to see your favorite bands or watch the latest films. It’s all about asking if a student discount exists wherever you go.

Online shops also have deals for students. Websites might cut down subscription costs for music and videos. Places like give discounts too, so buying or renting books doesn’t empty your wallet.

Keep an eye out for special offers during back-to-school seasons or holidays; that’s when the best deals pop up. So next time you plan a night out or need to chill with a movie at home, keep in mind your student status can save you money.

Food and Dining Discounts

Eating out or ordering food can eat up your budget fast. Good news is many places offer discounts to students. From big chain restaurants to local spots near campus, showing your student ID can score you a percentage off your meal.

Think of chains like Chipotle and Subway where student promotions might pop up throughout the year. Also, apps like UNiDAYS or Student Beans give access to exclusive deals at different eateries, making it cheaper for you every time you decide not to cook.

Local cafes and diners near schools often have special offers too. They might throw in a free drink with your sandwich or give a discount on certain days of the week. Keep an eye out for flyers on campus or posts on school social media pages that announce these deals.

Saving money while enjoying good food becomes easier once you start looking for these opportunities. So next time before you order online or head out, check if there’s a student discount waiting for you – it really adds up over time!

Cell Phone Provider Discounts

Your phone plan can also save you money. Many cell phone companies offer special deals just for students. You might get a lower bill every month or extra benefits at no added cost.

I took advantage of one such offer and saw my monthly expenses drop, which was a nice break for my tight budget.

You need your student ID to start saving on your phone bill. Just show it when you sign up or change your plan, and the discount kicks in. It’s simple but makes a big difference over time.

Look into it and see how much you could save.

Insurance Discounts

Some insurance companies offer special rates for students. This means you could pay less for your car, health, or renter’s insurance just because you’re in school. For example, if you do well in your classes and maintain good grades, many car insurance firms will give you a discount.

They see smart students as less risky. So, studying hard doesn’t just help at school—it can also save money on bills.

Also, living near your university might lower costs further. Companies sometimes view campuses as safer areas or think that students living close to schools drive less often. Both situations can lead to paying less for insurance.

Personally finding these discounts was eye-opening—it felt great knowing I could cut down on expenses while focusing on my studies at UCLA’s campus without having to compromise on coverage levels or service quality.


Saving money as a college student just got easier with these travel discounts. You can cut costs on trips to more than 500 places across the country. Amtrak and Trailways offer great deals for young people like you.

You need your student ID and to plan a bit ahead, but then you’re set for cheaper travel. Think of all the extra cash for books, food, or saving up! So start using these discounts today and save big on your next adventure.