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Saving Smarts: Unveiling The Top Student Discount Websites For College Students

Hey, college student! Money feels tight, doesn’t it? Between books, tuition, and those all-night snack runs, your wallet might be feeling a little light. But what if you could save some cash on things you’re already buying? It’s true – many companies offer discounts just for students like you.

Did you know that with the right tools, such as UNiDAYS or Student Beans, finding these deals is easier than ever before? These websites are treasure troves of savings on everything from Madewell jeans to Best Buy gadgets.

This article will guide you through the top student discount websites and give insider tips on how to snag those deals across a wide range of brands – think cheap meals at Subway and more movie nights at AMC Theaters without breaking the bank.

Get ready to save big.

The Best Student Discount Websites for College Students

A laptop surrounded by college textbooks and school supplies, with cityscape in the background, depicts a productive and scholarly atmosphere.

College life is fun, but saving money? That’s smart. Look for deals on things you need can make college easier and more fun. Websites like UNiDAYS and Student Beans are like treasure maps, leading you to discounts on everything from clothes to software.

They help you find ways to spend less while buying the stuff that makes student life better.


UNiDAYS gives you great deals on things like clothes, electronics, and even eats at some fast food places. It’s super easy to use. You just need your school email to sign up, then you’re set to start saving money right away.

This site is perfect for college students looking to stretch their budget further. Whether it’s grabbing a cheaper meal from Domino’s or getting a discount at movie theatres like Regal, UNiDAYS has got you covered.

I’ve personally used UNiDAYS to get discounts on software I need for school projects—things like Media Composer and Office 365—that can really add up cost-wise. Plus, with offers on tech gadgets that make studying easier or more efficient, I found it incredibly helpful during both in-class learning and homework sessions at home.

And let’s not forget about the times when bike share programs come in handy between classes; UNiDAYS often features deals on those too!

Student Beans

Student Beans is your go-to for saving money. They make it easy to find discounts on things you love, from fast food restaurants like Domino’s to must-have services such as Amazon Prime.

You need just one thing — a valid student ID. With that, you’re in. Sign up, and you’ll see lots of ways to spend less while enjoying more.

They also help with big stuff, like car insurance and bike sharing programs. This means more cash stays in your pocket for school books or maybe even a night out with friends. Student Beans sorts out the best deals so you don’t have to hunt them down yourself.

No spam here; just real deals that work for college students looking to save every penny they can.


SheerID is your go-to if you’re hunting for great student discounts. It checks your status as a college student quickly. This means you get access to exclusive offers without the hassle.

Imagine getting deals on things like car sharing, electronics, and even Domino’s pizza, just because SheerID confirmed you’re in school. My friend used it last year for back-to-school shopping and saved a ton on his laptop.

You don’t have to worry about paying any subscription fee either. Just sign up, show you’re a student, and start saving instantly on items from brands that understand your budget needs.

Next up are some tips on how best to find these awesome discounts.


BrokeScholar is your new go-to for saving big. Think of it as a treasure chest full of deals, just waiting for you to unlock. College costs enough without having to pay full price for things you need or want.

From textbooks to laptops, BrokeScholar has coupons and codes that cut down those scary price tags. Plus, they keep everything easy to find so you won’t waste time hunting for discounts.

I’ve used it myself and was amazed at the savings on school supplies and even food from places like Domino’s—perfect for late-night study sessions or a break with friends. They also offer tips on college admission processes, which really helps clear up any misleading information floating around out there.

It feels good not having to bug school counselors every time I have a question about admissions or financial aid. If saving money sounds as good to you as it does to me, give BrokeScholar a try.


Moving on from BrokeScholar, Fastweb steps up as another go-to for students like you trying to save cash. Imagine a place where scholarships, internships, and discounts all come together under one roof – that’s Fastweb for you.

They make finding money-saving deals feel less like a chore. You’ll find various savings options that could help cut down costs on things from textbooks to your next meal at Domino’s.

Fastweb doesn’t just stop with scholarships; they go deep into helping you land the perfect internship or part-time job that works with your class schedule. I found this out myself when searching for ways to lower my expenses while in school.

Through their easy-to-use website, I landed an amazing internship opportunity that not only paid but also counted towards my course credits! Plus, signing up is free, making it easier for you to start saving without any upfront cost.

Top Brands Offering Student Discounts

A college student excitedly showcases their latest fashion purchases on a busy city street.

Big companies give special deals to students. From clothes shops to tech giants, food places like Domino’s, and even subscription services, there are many ways for you to save money.

Just by being a student!

Clothing and Accessories

You want to look good without spending a lot. Stores like Nike, Adidas, and Levi’s get it. They offer discounts for students. You can find deals on shirts, shoes, and backpacks. Just show your student ID or sign up online with your school email.

Looking for more than clothes? Websites like UNiDAYS and Student Beans list offers from many brands. Here, you might grab a deal on a new jacket or designer jeans at prices lower than the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price).

Don’t forget accessories! Get discounts on watches, jewelry, and even things for your room that make life better every day.

Need pizza while you study? Domino’s has special deals just for students too. Use subscription services smartly to save big over time on all these items.

Electronics and Software

Saving money on electronics and software is smart. Many top brands offer discounts for college students. Think of savings on laptops, tablets, and software programs you need for school.

Companies like Apple, Dell, and Microsoft have special prices just for you. They understand that having the right tools can make all the difference in your studies.

Looking for deals? Check out student discount websites like UNiDAYS and Student Beans. They list offers on tech gear that can save you a lot of cash. Even better, some software packages are free if you show your student ID.

So before buying a new gadget or downloading the next software update, search these sites first—you might find an awesome deal that makes owning the latest tech more affordable while enjoying a slice from Domino’s with the saved bucks!


College life is more fun with discounts on movies, music, and games. You can get these from websites like UNiDAYS and Student Beans. They offer great deals for you to enjoy your free time without spending much.

For instance, if you love watching the latest movies or streaming your favorite shows, check for discounts that make this cheaper.

Next up is food and dining deals because enjoying a movie night isn’t complete without pizza from places like Domino’s. They often have special offers just for students. So, after picking a movie or playlist, grab some discounted pizza to make your night even better.

Food and Dining

Eating out or ordering in can get pricey, especially on a college budget. Good news is, many places offer student discounts to help you save. Places like Domino’s have deals just for students.

You might need to show your student ID or use a special code. Check their website or ask when you order.

Also, look into meal plans at your school. They can be cheaper and more convenient than always eating out. And don’t forget about grocery stores! Some offer student discounts on certain days of the week—saving money on snacks and ingredients for cooking at home.

Keep an eye out for these deals; they really help stretch your dollar further.


After grabbing a bite with your student discounts, getting around town is next. You need cheap and easy ways to move. Public transit offers special rates for students—buses and trains can be real money savers.

Some colleges partner with local transit services to give you even better deals or free rides with your student ID.

Also, don’t forget about bike sharing programs. They’re good for both your wallet and health! If you have a longer trip, car sharing options like Zipcar offer discounts for college students too.

And when you’re thinking of ordering pizza from Dominos for those late-night study sessions, check out their delivery deals just for students. Saving on transportation means more money in your pocket for the things you love doing.


You need to save money on insurance, too. Many companies offer special rates for students. For health, car, and renter’s insurance, showing your student ID can get you a discount. This means you pay less each month.

Look around and compare offers from different companies.

Some places give better deals than others for being a student. You might find that some insurances are cheaper because you’re in school. Ask about student discounts every time you talk to an insurance agent.

They can help you save a lot over time.

Cell Phone Providers

Some cell phone companies offer special deals just for you, the student. They know money can be tight. That’s why they’re ready to help you save on your talk, text, and data plans.

Companies like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile sometimes have discounts that make your monthly bill lighter. All you need is your student ID or an email from your school to prove you’re a student.

Getting these discounts is easier than you think. Just visit the websites of these service providers and look for their “deals” or “student offers” section. Signing up might give you not just a break on prices but also extra perks like more data or even streaming services bonuses.

Keep an eye out—these deals change often and bring new ways to save money while staying connected with friends and family.

Memberships and Subscriptions

After talking about how you can save on cell phone plans, let’s move to another great way to keep more money in your pocket: memberships and subscriptions. Many companies offer special deals for students.

Think about streaming services, software for schoolwork, and even online learning platforms. They often have lower prices for students.

For example, Amazon Prime Student cuts the cost of Amazon Prime in half for college students. Spotify offers a plan that combines music and video streaming at a discount. And don’t forget Microsoft Office 365—it’s free for students at many schools! Always check if your favorite service has a student deal before paying full price.

This way, you get the tools and entertainment you need without breaking the bank.


In retail, stores like Target and Best Buy give you special deals just for being a student. You get to save money on things you need or want—like clothes, gadgets, and more. These discounts can really add up, making your life as a student easier and helping your budget stretch further.

Just show them your student ID or sign up with your school email, and you’re set.

Next time you shop online or in person, check if there’s a student discount. Many places don’t advertise it clearly, so asking can lead to savings you didn’t expect. This trick also works for services not just products; from bookstores to office supplies shops—they all understand the struggle of managing expenses while studying.

You’ll feel smart getting more for less.

Home, Auto, and Pets

For your dorm, car, and furry friends, many brands offer discounts to help you save. Shops like IKEA can make your living space cozy without breaking the bank. Auto insurers such as State Farm give deals for students who keep their grades up.

And don’t forget pets! Stores like PetSmart have special prices on food and toys for animals.

Next up, discover how to get cut rates on things you buy every day with “Shopping and Delivery“.

Shopping and Delivery

Shopping online can save you a lot of money, especially with student discounts. Many websites offer deals on items and shipping just for students like you. You might find free delivery or a big percent off your total purchase.

Always look for these offers before you buy.

For groceries and day-to-day needs, some stores give special discounts to students. They might also have cheaper or even free delivery options. This way, you spend less time shopping and more time on schoolwork or relaxing.

Check out different sites to see which ones work best for your budget and needs.

Tips for Finding Student Discounts

Finding student discounts is like going on a treasure hunt. Look around, and you’ll see deals everywhere. Use websites like UNiDAYS and Student Beans to find them without breaking a sweat.

Also, sign up for things like Amazon Prime for Students or Spotify’s special plan. Keep an eye on your favorite brands’ social media pages—they often share exclusive deals there.

Before you buy anything, always ask if there’s a student discount; more times than not, you’ll end up saving money!

Use student discount websites

Saving money is key, and student discount sites like UNiDAYS and Student Beans are here to help. They offer deals on lots of things you use every day, from clothes to tech. All you need is your school email to sign up for free.

This makes it easy to start saving fast.

Checking these websites before you buy can lead to big savings. They have discounts on brands that students love. It’s a smart move to look here first for any purchase plans. Now, let’s talk about signing up for memberships that offer even more savings.

Sign up for student memberships and subscription services

Joining student memberships and subscription services can save you a lot of money. Many companies offer special prices just for students. This means you could get lower prices on things like music streaming, online courses, and gym memberships.

I once got half off a movie streaming service with my college email! All it took was signing up and showing I’m a student.

You should look for deals everywhere. For example, software that might help with school projects often comes at a discount if you’re in college. And don’t forget about magazines or professional organizations related to your field of study; they sometimes offer memberships at reduced rates or even free for students.

It’s all about keeping an eye out and taking advantage of these offers as soon as you find them.

Follow brands on social media

Social media is like a treasure chest for deals. Brands often share special discounts just for their followers. You have seen it yourself, scrolling through Instagram or Twitter and finding a code for 20% off or a buy-one-get-one-free offer.

It’s easy; just hit follow on your favorite brands’ pages. They post sales, exclusive offers, and sometimes even contests where you can win free stuff.

Next time you see a great deal online, check if there’s an extra discount for being a student before you buy.

Check for discounts before making a purchase

Always look for discounts before you buy something. Many shops offer special prices if you are a college student. You might need to show your school ID or sign up with a website that checks if you’re really a student.

I found this out myself when I needed to buy a new laptop for class. By using my college email, I got 20% off the price, which saved me a lot of money.

Keep an eye on emails and websites for deals, too. Companies often send out discount codes or have sales that can help you save big time. Don’t forget to ask in stores about any student discounts they might offer.

You’ll be surprised at how much you can save just by speaking up and asking the right questions.


Saving money as a college student just got easier. Websites like UNiDAYS and Student Beans give you lots of discounts. From clothes to food, there are deals everywhere. Just sign up, follow brands, and always check for savings before buying.

Saving is smartstart using these tips today!


1. What are student discount websites?

Student discount websites are places on the internet where college students can find deals and save money on stuff they buy.

2. How do I use these websites?

You sign up, prove you’re a student, and then get access to discounts online or in stores.

3. Do these discounts only work for certain things?

Nope, you can find discounts on all sorts of things – from clothes and tech to food and travel.

4. Is it free to join these websites?

Yes, joining most student discount websites is totally free – no hidden fees!

5. Can anyone use these discounts, or just students?

Only students can use these discounts; you often need to show your student ID or email to sign up.