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Student Discounts Galore: Finding The Best Budget Deals For College Students

Heading off to college brings a mix of excitement and worry, especially about money. You’re always looking for ways to stretch your budget. From textbooks to late-night pizza runs, every penny counts.

Good news is out there – plenty of places offer sweet deals just for students like you.

Did you know companies such as Adobe, Apple, and AT&T cut prices for college attendees? That’s right. This article shines a light on those deals across various needs including meals, rides, and even phone plans.

We’ll guide you through finding these discounts and making the most of them – helping your dollars go further. Keep reading; savings await!

The Best Student Discounts for College Students

You can save big with student discounts out there. From cut prices on laptops and software to deals on meals and movie tickets, being a college student opens up a world of savings.

Local rentals

Moving around can be pricey, especially for you as a college student. Good news is, local moves get cheaper with a 20% off discount and one-way moves drop by 15% any day of the week.

Just use the code TRUKU. Easy, right? Go online to and punch in that promotion code TRUKU to see your moving costs go down. Keep in mind, if you’re under 24, there might be an extra daily cost.

Living this student life means always looking out for deals like these. Rates change based on where you are and when you move. To grab this deal, make sure you meet Budget’s rules about age, driving record, and credit checks.

The price cut applies to both time and mileage of “The Best Available Rate,” giving your wallet a break so you can spend on other things… Like textbooks or maybe even treats!

Electronics and software

After checking out the best deals on local rentals, let’s explore electronics and software—a game changer for your studies. Adobe gets you going with a 60% discount on Creative Cloud for students and teachers.

That means more tools to create and learn without breaking the bank. Apple also steps up, offering reduced prices all year round with their education discount. Imagine getting your hands on a MacBook or an iPad at a price that doesn’t make you wince.

Then there’s Microsoft, slicing 50% off Office 365 Personal. It’s not just about Word or PowerPoint anymore; it’s access to every tool you need, more affordable than ever. HP and Lenovo don’t lag behind either; both offer exclusive deals when you sign up with your .edu email—perfect for upgrading your tech without maxing out your credit card.

I found these deals last semester when I needed new software for class projects. Signing up was easy—I just used my college email—and suddenly, everything from video editing to spreadsheet management got less expensive.

Companies like AT&T even chip in, saving you up to $10/month per line on their Unlimited Premium plan—essential for staying connected.

So yes, keeping technology updated is no longer a wallet-emptying move thanks to these student discounts.


Movies and shows are a big part of chilling out for you as a college student, right? Good news—places like AMC Theaters and Cinemark make it lighter on your wallet. Just flash your valid college ID, and you’ll get cheaper tickets.

It feels good to save that extra cash for popcorn or other treats.

Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Premium – all these are music to your ears with student discounts waiting just for you. Spotify cuts down its price for the Student Premium plan. With the Apple Music deal, you pay less per month and also grab access to Apple TV+ for some time.

And YouTube isn’t left out; they give a one-month free trial followed by a sweet $7.99/month subscription rate if you’re studying. Peacock Premium even drops from $6 to $2 monthly just for students like you.

Saving on entertainment as a student means more money in your pocket for everything else.

Food and dining

After checking out movie theaters and music, let’s talk about food. Saving money is key, especially for meals. Places like Blue Apron give you $110 off and free shipping on your first order if you prove you’re a student.

Imagine making fancy meals at home without spending too much.

DoorDash offers a plan for students at just $4.99 a month… that means cheaper delivery fees! And don’t forget, many pizza spots like Papa John’s, Domino’s, and Pizza Hut cut their prices for students too.

Even fast food joints take 10% off your bill when you show your student ID. So yes, eating well while saving cash? Totally possible.


Getting around as a college student doesn’t have to break the bank. Let’s talk about how you can save money on transportation. For starters, Amtrak cuts 15% off train rides for students, making trips more affordable.

Then there’s GM, hooking up current undergrads and grad students with discounts on cars – nice if you’re in the market for one. Also, New Jersey Transit takes 25% off monthly passes for those at participating schools.

For moving stuff to and from campus, Penske helps out with a 10% cut on truck rental rates. Need a ride for just an hour or two? Zipcar has special lower rates for students at its partner universities.

And here’s something cool: If you book a bus seat with Megabus through UNiDAYS, you get $3 shaved off your ticket price. These deals make it easier to get where you need to go without spending too much.

I once used the NJ Transit discount myself when attending school – it really adds up over time!


Saving money on car insurance is a big deal for college students. Companies like Allstate, American Family Insurance, Farmers Insurance, Geico, Nationwide Insurance, and Progressive make it easier.

If you’re under 25 and unmarried, check out Allstate’s lower rates for full-time students. Get a “B” average? American Family Insurance might cut your costs with their “good student” discount if you’re between 16 to 25 years old.

Farmers rewards good grades or test scores for those under 25 too. Geico offers a sweet 15% off certain coverages if you’re doing well academically as a full-time student. And don’t forget Nationwide; they also have savings for students aged 16 to 24 who keep up a “B” average or better.

“Every dollar saved is another dollar for your future.”

Next up: see how cell phone providers offer special deals just for students like you.

Cell phone providers

You can save a lot of money with cell phone providers if you’re in college. For example, AT&T cuts down your bill by up to $10 every month for each line on its Unlimited Premium plan.

That’s a big deal if you rely on your phone for everything. Verizon steps up too, offering up to $25 off each month on their Unlimited plans. This means more cash stays in your pocket.

I found this out the hard way after paying full price for my phone plan during my first semester. A friend shared these deals with me, and switching plans was a game changer. Now I use that extra savings for books and other essentials.

It’s smart to check out what AT&T or Verizon offers before sticking with a pricey plan just because it’s familiar.

Memberships and subscriptions

Saving money on memberships and subscriptions is like hitting a jackpot for college students. Amazon hooks you up with six free months of Amazon Prime, then gives it to you at a cheaper rate if you’re a student.

Think about it – all those perks of Amazon Prime Student could be yours. And guess what? The Wall Money Street Journal cuts its prices big time for students wanting digital or print news.

Then there’s Babbel, making language learning super affordable with 65% off for three months. Need some peace and focus? Headspace slashes its well-being resource fees by a whopping 85%.

For the music lovers, SoundCloud drops a sweet deal too – a free 30-day trial of Go+ and then half-price every month after that. Let’s not forget Peloton; they have special offers just to keep students moving on their app.

Each of these deals means keeping more cash in your pocket while enjoying stuff you love or need for school.


You can save big on clothes and accessories with your student ID. Brands like Levi’s, J.Crew, and Kate Spade give you lower prices just for being a student. Imagine wearing that new pair of Converse or Nike shoes at a fraction of the cost.

It feels good to show off your style without breaking the bank. I found my favorite backpack from The North Face at 20% off. You can too.

Always carry your student ID; it’s the key to unlocking deals you didn’t know existed.

Even more stores like Madewell and New Balance are ready to offer special discounts when you shop online or in-store. Don’t forget places like Goodwill where you can find unique items for even less money.

Each penny saved adds up, helping stretch your budget further while keeping you in trend.

How to Find and Take Advantage of Student Discounts

To snag the best student discounts, start by looking online. Many companies offer special deals just for students. You can find codes to save money on things like books and clothes. Also, signing up for student-only programs can lead to even bigger savings. Some companies have special prices on computers and apps if you’re in school. You might get a big cut off the price of laptops or free access to software for making art or writing papers. Asking never hurts – some places don’t advertise their student discounts, so you might discover a deal just by speaking up. For travel and food, there are lots of ways to pay less too. Websites that focus on travel for students can help find cheap flights and hotels. And fast food places often have a lower price if you show your student ID. Lastly, keep an eye out for exclusive offers through emails or apps aimed at students. These can come with perks like free shipping or extra savings during sales periods.

Use discount codes

You can save a lot on your needs by using discount codes. For example, getting 20% off local moves and 15% off one-way moves with the code TRUKU is a big deal. Make sure to book online at and use this promo code.

This way, you pay less for the truck’s time and mileage. Deals like these are all over — for food, tech, or even clothes.

I once used a similar code from Best Buy to save on a new laptop for school. It felt great to get such a good deal just because I took an extra minute to search for a coupon. You can do this too.

Before buying anything or signing up for services like Spotify Premium or Adobe Creative Cloud, look for student discounts or special offers they might have. Sometimes companies offer deals through emails after you sign up on their websites.

Always check if there’s a discount before you pay full price!

Sign up for student programs

After grabbing those discount codes, another smart move is joining student programs. Big names like Adobe, Apple, and Microsoft offer special deals for folks in college. For instance, by signing up for Adobe’s college discount program, you can get a sweet deal on their software.

And don’t forget about the APPLE student discount that cuts prices all year round.

These companies understand that students need to save every penny they can. By using your .edu email to join HP’s student store or getting into Microsoft’s program for 50% off Office 365 Personal, you’re setting yourself up for savings success.

Plus, Amazon Prime Student hooks you up with a free six-month trial followed by an annual cost of $69 – perfect for binge-watching during study breaks or ordering books last minute.

And learning a new language? Babbel gives you 65% off three months of lessons just because you’re studying! I learned this tip from my roommate who was constantly finding new ways to stretch her budget while we were in school together; these programs really made a difference for us both.

Research and compare deals

Searching online is a smart move to find discounts. Websites like UNiDAYs and Student Beans are treasure troves for deals just waiting for you. Before you jump in, compare what’s out there.

You might find that Adobe slashes prices for students or Amazon Prime Student cuts membership costs to $69 a year after a free six-month trial. These offers can make a big difference in your budget.

Always have your student ID ready. It’s your ticket to savings at many places, from retail stores to fast food joints. Showing it can unlock discounts you didn’t know existed. Next up, let’s talk about cracking the code on discount codes and signing up for programs that save money.

Take advantage of student-specific deals (like Amazon Prime Student)

After you’ve done your homework on deals, it’s time to focus on special offers just for students. Amazon Prime Student is a great example. For starters, it gives you a six-month trial without cost.

Then, it’s only $69 per year. Think about this – free fast shipping on books and essentials, endless streaming of movies and shows, tunes to listen or study to, plus savings at Whole Foods Market.

And let’s not forget unlimited photo storage online.

Best Buy also steps up with discounts just for you – whether you need a new laptop or something smaller like a mini fridge for your dorm room. And if you’re looking to stretch your dollar further? Check out Groupon.

They knock down prices even more on local spots around campus. These offers are built with student budgets in mind – bringing the big names within reach and making every penny count.

Look for discounts on flights and other travel

Traveling can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to break your bank. Special deals are out there for students like you who love to explore or go back home during breaks. For starters, United Airlines gives a 5% cut off on tickets just for signing up with them through the Mileage Plus program in their app.

That’s right, flying gets a bit cheaper.

Don’t stop there! Student Universe slashes prices on airfare and more for young people and students. Whether it’s a quick trip or an adventure across continents, they’ve got options that won’t make your wallet cry.

And hey, if road trips are more your thing, Zipcar has special rates for those at partner colleges – making getting away easier than ever. With Megabus offering $3 off any bus ride when you register with UNiDAYS, even short jaunts are affordable.

So grab these offers and make your travel plans without worrying about costs too much.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a student discount.

After checking out flight deals, keep your student ID handy for more savings. Lots of places like stores and eateries might not shout about their discounts. So, you need to step up and ask.

It’s a simple action that could save you quite a bit. Your ID is your ticket to cut costs at many spots.

You’ll be surprised where this question can get you benefits – from lesser-known offers at phone companies like AT&T Unlimited Premium to tech goodies with Microsoft Office 365 or even the Samsung Education Offers Program.

Fast food spots? Sure. Places like Papa John’s and Domino’s often say yes to 10% off just because you’re studying. And it doesn’t stop there; hello to cheaper eats with HelloFresh or snagging that movie night deal at Regal Movie Theatres without denting your budget too much.


Saving money as a college student just got easier. You know about all the cool discounts you can get. From snacks to laptops and even bus rides, there’s a deal out there for you. Always check for special codes or ask if stores have a price cut for students.

And don’t forget, sites like Student Beans are your friends for finding these savings quick. So go ahead, grab those deals and make the most of your student badge!