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The Students Money-Saving Companion: Cheap Student Discounts Uncovered

Saving money is something every college student wants to do. You might find yourself stretching every dollar, especially regarding textbooks, meals outside, or even grabbing a coffee with friends.

Did you know there are over 75 ways for students like you to save money? Yes, that’s right—through student discounts.

These discounts cover everything from munching on fast food at Subway or enjoying a movie night at AMC Theaters to getting essential tech like Apple Macs or Samsung tablets for your studies.

This blog will show how you can unlock these savings and make the most out of your college years without breaking the bank. Ready to save big? Let’s get started!

Benefits of Student Discounts for College Students

You get big savings with student discounts. Think about it. You can manage your money better and save for things you really want in the future. Discounts cover a lot — from grabbing a cheaper meal at fast food places to getting deals on Apple products or Office 365 for your studies.

Plus, when you save on the basics like Adobe Creative Cloud for your projects, that leaves more money in your pocket for fun stuff, maybe even travel.

Now, let’s talk about reaching goals. With these discounts—say on Spotify Premium or Amazon Prime Student—you enjoy more while spending less Each dollar saved through offers from Nike or Madewell adds up, helping you keep your budget healthy.

And saving doesn’t mean cutting back on quality; it means smart spending so you can afford both needs and wants without breaking the bank. Whether it’s tech gadgets like Samsung products via their education offers program or essentials like notebooks and attire, making every penny count gets easier.

Types of Student Discounts

Saving money is key for you in college. You can find deals on almost anything, from tech gadgets to your next meal. Shops love to give students a break with special prices. This means getting less expensive laptops or even cheaper tickets to see a film.

Look out for apps like Spotify and services like Hulu that cost less too. They understand you’re watching every penny, so they offer ways to help stretch those dollars further. Whether it’s grabbing a bite, catching a bus, or buying new clothes, there’s probably a student deal waiting for you.

Electronics and Software

You can save a lot of money on gadgets and software. Big names like Apple, AT&T, Microsoft, and Samsung give you discounts just because you’re a student. Think new laptops for your studies or smartphones to stay connected.

Apple cuts the price on their electronics. Need a new phone? AT&T has deals too. And it’s not just about PCs or gaming setups; software gets cheaper as well. Adobe slashes its prices for students who need design tools for class projects.

To grab these offers, start at the company websites. Look up the Apple Student Discount or check out Samsung’s Education Offers Program. For software savings, Adobe and Microsoft are your go-to spots.

Each site guides you through how to prove you’re in college so you can get those discounts fast. This way, whether it’s catching up on assignments with QuickBooks Online or designing with AutoCAD, saving money is easy – leaving more in your budget for things like food and books!


Movies and music just got cheaper for you as a college student. AMC Theaters cuts ticket prices, so catching the latest flick won’t break the bank. Feel like staying in? Apple Music and Spotify slice their subscription costs, making tunes more affordable.

You can now enjoy millions of songs without worrying about your budget.

Streaming services haven’t forgotten you either. Peacock Premium and YouTube Premium offer streaming at reduced rates. Imagine paying only $7.99 a month after trying YouTube Premium for free—perfect for watching shows, ad-free videos, and exclusive content on a student’s tight budget.

This way, you save money while still enjoying all your favorite entertainment options.

Food and Dining

You love eating out but hate how it empties your wallet, right? Good news! Places like Blue Apron, HelloFresh, and EveryPlate have special deals on meal kits for you. These aren’t just any meals; they’re delicious and easy to make.

Imagine cooking a fancy dinner in your dorm room or apartment without spending too much. Plus, fast food favorites including Chic-fil-A, Arby’s, Chipotle, McDonald’s, Subway, Dunkin’, and Taco help you save money with student discounts.

So next time hunger strikes after study sessions or late-night classes head to these spots with your student ID.

DoorDash also jumps into the mix with lower rates on deliveries for students. This means even when you’re buried under books during finals week or can’t face another pizza night; tasty food from local restaurants comes to you at a discount.

It’s a lifesaver for those busy days when cooking feels impossible.

Saving on food isn’t about skipping meals – it’s about smart deals that keep both belly and wallet full.


Traveling around doesn’t have to eat up your budget. With student discounts, you can go places for less. Amtrak lets you hop on a train for fewer dollars. If cars are more your thing, GM cuts prices on new rides just for students.

For shorter trips, Megabus and New Jersey Transit slash bus and local travel costs. Need a truck for moving day? Penske is in your corner with lower rental rates.

Biking more your speed? Look into bike sharing programs that let you pedal without the high cost. Flying somewhere? Student Universe and airlines like United offer cheaper flights just because you’re studying.

And if driving but not owning sounds good, Zipcar has special rates for car sharing. All these help you manage travel expenses while exploring or heading home during breaks.


After learning how to save on your rides and flights, let’s talk about cutting costs with insurance. You’re in school, working hard. It makes sense to save wherever you can. Good news – you can get discounts on insurance just for being a student! Companies like Allstate, American Family Insurance, Farmers Insurance, GEICO, Nationwide Insurance, Progressive, and State Farm understand this.

They offer special deals.

For example, if you’re under 25 and not married, Allstate might cut the cost of your car insurance. Got good grades? American Family Insurance gives a “good student” discount to students aged 16-25 who maintain a “B” average.

Same goes for Nationwide Insurance for students between 16 and 24 years old. And it doesn’t stop there. If you study full-time and keep those grades up or complete driver training programs before turning 25, companies like GEICO and State Farm are ready to give you a break on premiums too.

I found this out firsthand when I was looking to lower my expenses during college. By simply sharing my report card with my insurer—thanks to achieving that “B” average—I saw my bills drop significantly each month.

It felt great knowing that those long hours hitting the books paid off beyond just good grades—they saved me money too! So dig into what these companies offer; it could mean more cash in your pocket at the end of the day.

Cell Phone Providers

Cell phone bills can eat up your budget, but you’re in luck. AT&T and Verizon offer special deals just for students like you. With AT&T, you can save up to $10 every month on their Unlimited Premium plan.

That means more money in your pocket for things you enjoy. Verizon steps it up by offering a discount of up to $25 monthly on any of their Unlimited plans. Imagine all the extra coffee or movie tickets that could buy.

Saving on your cell service means more cash for what matters to you.

Switching to these plans is smart if you want to stretch those dollars further. Every little bit helps when managing college expenses, from textbooks to late-night snacks. And with these savings, staying connected won’t break the bank.

Memberships and Subscriptions

After you check out the deals from cell phone providers, look into memberships and subscriptions that can save you cash. Take Amazon Prime, for instance. You get six months free as a student.

After that, they cut the price for you. It’s not just about getting books or clothes fast; it means cheaper textbook options and more movies than your movie theater offers.

Babbel lets you learn new languages at 65% off for three months. If keeping calm is on your mind, Headspace slashes its prices by 85%. For music lovers, Pandora steps up with a 60-day trial free of charge.

Once it ends, keep jamming at half the cost. And if SoundCloud Go+ catches your ear, start with a month free then carry on for less money each month after that.

Peloton brings workouts to your dorm or apartment without breaking the bank on their app—all because you’re studying hard in college.


Shopping for clothes, shoes, and accessories? Check out student discounts at places like J.Crew, Kate Spade, Levi’s, New Balance, The North Face, and Vera Bradley. You can save a lot.

For example, AeroPOSTALE gives you an extra 15% off everything with UNiDAYS. Even better is Aerie offering a 20% discount on your whole purchase through the same service.

Need supplies or want new kicks? Brands like Blick for art supplies and Champion or Converse for casual wear have deals too. Crocs for comfy shoes and FedEx when you need to ship something back home also offer price cuts.

It’s all about using your student status to spend less while getting what you need. Don’t forget tech brands in retail stores that help students save big on gadgets and software necessary for school work and leisure time.

How to Find Student Discounts

Looking for student discounts is easy. You can do it in many ways. Check websites that list discounts for students. Carry your student ID everywhere, as it can save you money when you shop or eat out.

Follow brands on platforms like Instagram or Twitter to hear about deals first-hand. Sign up for emails from companies and get special offers sent straight to your inbox.

Online resources

Online resources are your best friends for finding student discounts. Platforms like UNiDAYS and Student Beans offer a treasure trove of deals just for students. You can save on everything, from movie tickets at theaters to memberships at places like BJ’s Wholesale Club.

They even have special prices for tech stuff, like gaming PCs through the Samsung Education Offers Program or software through Codecademy Pro.

The secret to saving is knowing where to look.

You also get cuts on services like AT&T Unlimited Premium or streaming with Hulu student discount and Spotify Premium Student. Not just that, but food deals at fast food restaurants and even cheaper flights with British Airways make life easier and budget happier.

Just search these sites with your college email and start saving right away. Plus, you can grab essentials like Levi’s clothing or a Purple mattress at a slice of the cost too!

Using your student ID

Your student ID is your golden ticket to savings. Keep it with you always. Show it at checkout in stores and restaurants. Many places offer special prices just for students like you.

You can save on clothes, food, tech gear, and more. Just ask if there’s a discount before you pay.

You’ve heard of movie theaters offering cheaper tickets or maybe Pandora Premium Student plans at a lower price? That’s all possible with your student ID. Even bigger items like laptops from Dell or cozy Purple mattresses might have discounts waiting for you.

Next time you’re buying something or signing up for a service, flash your student ID and see what happens! I once got 20% off my meal at Domino’s just by showing my card; it works like magic.

Following social media accounts

Social media is your go-to for saving money. Brands often post updates about student discounts there. You’ll see deals on everything from Evernote for note-taking to HBO for movie nights.

They even share codes for cheap flights or discounts at places like Domino’s when you’re too busy studying to cook. By clicking follow, you keep up with the best offers without searching too hard.

Next step? Sign up for email lists. This way, you get deals sent right to your inbox. Whether it’s a coupon for Costco or a sale at your favorite retail store, emails make sure you don’t miss out on ways to save while focusing on college admission and budget management.

Signing up for email lists

Signing up for email lists from your favorite stores and services is a smart move. You get emails about new student discounts right in your inbox. This way, you won’t miss out on deals on things like meals at Domino’s or gear from a retail store.

Many companies love to send special offers to students who sign up. Imagine getting a lower price on your cell phone plan or saving money when you book a flight with Cathay Pacific or Virgin Australia.

All it takes is using your school email to sign up.

Stores and brands also share exclusive deals through these emails that you can’t find anywhere else. So, whether it’s saving a few bucks at the movie theatre, grabbing that must-have piece of merchandise without paying full price (MSRP), or even cutting down expenses on memberships like that warehouse club everyone talks about – email lists put these opportunities straight into your hands.

Next, let’s talk about making the most of online resources for finding student discounts.


So, you’ve heard all about the great ways to save money with student discounts. From tech and tunes to bites and bikes, there’s a deal out there for almost everything in your life.

You just need your student ID, a bit of know-how on where to look online, and maybe follow some brands on social media or join their email lists. With over 75 different discounts waiting for you – think Adobe for projects, Spotify for music, or Domino’s when pizza calls – it’s clear that saving cash while studying isn’t as hard as it sounds.

Make those discounts count; they can help you stretch your budget further than you thought possible.