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Score Big Savings: The Ultimate Guide To Exclusive Student Discounts

College can be expensive. From textbooks to tuition, there’s always something eating into your budget. But, what if you could save money on things you buy every day? Yes, from your favorite fast food restaurants like Subway to subscriptions for Spotify Premium and Amazon Prime Student, discounts are waiting for you.

UNiDAYS gives students free access to deals that cut costs significantly — think 60% off Adobe Creative Cloud! This article guides you through finding and using student discounts effortlessly.

You’ll learn how simple it is to keep more cash in your pocket while attending college. Ready? Let’s go!

Benefits of Student Discounts

Student discounts put extra cash in your pocket. They open doors to deals only you can get, like lower prices on big brands and special offers that make life easier and more fun. With these savings, you can spend less on things you need or want—like tech gadgets, clothes, and food—and keep more money for other important stuff.

Plus, getting these discounts is quick and hassle-free, so you save time too.

Save on top brands

You love big names like Adidas, AT&T, Disney+, and Spotify. Imagine getting a deal on them just because you’re a student. You can. These brands offer awesome discounts to help you save money.

For instance, YouTube Premium comes with special offers for students that make streaming music and videos much cheaper.

You work hard in school; let your student ID work hard outside of class.

PANGAIA gives new shoppers 20% off. Want cool jewelry? Cernucci has a 50% discount plus an extra 10% off for students. Even Samsung participates by knocking up to $400 off select washers and dryers.

Using these deals means more money stays in your pocket—money you can use for textbooks or even your student loans. All it takes is showing your student ID or signing up with a .edu email, and boom—you save on things you love and need.

Exclusive deals

Saving on top brands is just the start. Exclusive deals make it better. UNiDAYS gets you these special offers fast and free. Like M·A·C Cosmetics giving you 25% off online orders plus a free makeup bag.

Peloton cuts prices for community heroes too.

SheerID checks if you’re a student, then help comes easy through their center and FAQ. All to save big on what you love—from Office 365 to YouTube Music or even movie tickets at AMC Theaters.

It’s all about spending less while getting more out of every dollar as a student.

Fast and easy access

Getting your hands on these deals is quick and simple. Many students love streaming services, apps, and shopping online for their ease of use. Imagine grabbing a Crunchwrap Supreme or catching the latest movie at half the price just because you’re in college.

That’s what student discounts offer – a world where being a student gets you more for less.

You don’t need to spend hours searching for how to save money on textbooks or get cheaper car insurance; tools like UNiDAYS make it nearly effortless. Just sign up with your school email, and boom – you unlock instant savings on brands like Madewell and Domino’s.

Even better, Amazon hooks students up with six months of Prime Video free, so say goodbye to boredom without paying extra. And if music is more your vibe? Pandora and SoundCloud have got you covered with free trials that let you jam out without spending a dime.

I found awesome deals within minutes using these platforms. They cut down my costs on things I use every day, from video streaming to bike share programs around campus. It proves that saving money as a student isn’t tough; it’s actually pretty cool when you know where to look.

How to Find and Use Student Discounts

Finding student discounts is easier than you might think. You just need to know where to look. First, signing up for UNiDAYS can open many doors – it’s free and fast. Then, always check a store’s website before buying anything.

They often list special offers there. Another smart move is adding the tool to your browser. It finds deals for you as you shop online.

So, start using these tips today and watch the savings add up!

Join UNiDAYS for free

You can join UNiDAYS for free and start saving a lot on things you need or love. This service gives you more than 60% off Adobe Creative Cloud. That means cheaper access to tools for your projects.

They also offer a 20% discount on Grammarly, helping you write better papers faster.

By becoming a member, you access deals like Perlego’s 25% off for four months—perfect for getting those textbooks without breaking the bank. With UNiDAYS, your student status turns into real savings everywhere from software to study aids.

All these benefits without paying anything? It’s smart shopping at its best.

Check with specific retailers

Go to your favorite shops and see if they offer student discounts. Many do, and these deals can save you lots of money on things you buy every day or special items you’ve been wanting.

For example, get 20% off at Huda Beauty for makeup that makes you look great for any school event. Need a new laptop bag or sleeve? Select HP ones come with a 35% discount just for students like you.

Don’t forget about everyday needs either; CVS gives $10 ExtraBucks when you spend $30, making it easier to stick to your budget.

Saving as a student doesn’t mean cutting out everything fun.

Always check the terms, though—some stores require proof like your college ID or email address. This step makes sure only real students get these cool offers. Shopping smarter lets you enjoy more of what life has to offer without breaking the bank.

Download the extension is your key to unlocking amazing student discounts. It’s simple. First, you add the extension to your browser. This acts like a digital student ID. Shops and services check it to see if you’re still in school.

With this setup, scoring deals becomes a breeze — from lower prices on textbooks at Chegg to cheaper movie tickets or even special rates for car sharing.

This tool makes sure you get savings fast, without having to dig through heaps of emails for a discount code or proving over and over that you’re a student. Keep your actual student ID handy too, but let do the heavy lifting online.

Ready for more ways to save? Let’s look into how combining these offers with other deals can stretch your dollars even further.

Tips for Maximizing Student Discounts

For big savings, smartly use your student perks on pricey buys. Mix deals and coupons for extra smile. Don’t skip the free trial offers! Keep reading to make every dollar count.

Use discounts on larger purchases

Buying big items can save you more money. Think about getting a new washer or dryer. Samsung gives students up to $400 off on select models. This is a huge save. Instead of buying small, waiting till you need something big makes your student discount work harder.

Joining AT&T or Verizon for your phone plan? Good news! Students get up to $10/month off with AT&T and up to $25/month with Verizon’s Unlimited plans. Bigger bills mean bigger savings here too.

Use these deals wisely, especially if your budget is tight from books and tuition fees.

Combine with other deals and coupons

After using your student discounts on big buys, you can save even more. Stack these deals with other offers and coupons. Shops often let you add a student deal to sales items or other vouchers.

For instance, if CVS gives you $10 ExtraBucks for spending $30, try using a coupon too. This means you pay less but still get the ExtraBucks.

Your experience gets better when you mix deals. Say M·A·C Cosmetics offers 25% off online and a free makeup bag for students. If there’s also a site-wide sale, apply your student discount on top of that sale price.

Plus, sign up for rewards programs like those at Domino’s or Showtime to earn points on purchases made with student discounts—you’ll see savings grow fast and enjoy perks only subscribers get.

Take advantage of free trials

Free trials are like secret keys to extra savings. Sites like Amazon, Pandora, and SoundCloud offer these for students. For example, you get six months of Amazon Prime with no cost.

Imagine not paying for fast shipping and enjoying tons of movies. Or explore music with Pandora Premium and SoundCloud Go++ without spending a dime for the first 60 days or 30 days, respectively.

This way, you’re not just saving money; you’re also discovering what you love without the immediate pressure of fees.

Using these offers is smart because it lets you test services before committing your cash. See if they match your needs while keeping your budget in check. And who knows? You might find something that’s worth the investment after the trial ends.

So always keep an eye out for such deals – they’re pretty much everywhere once you start looking.


Saving money as a student just got easier. With a guide to exclusive student discounts, you unlock the door to deals you didn’t know were there. From tech and clothes to plane tickets and online books, these savings add real value.

Join UNiDAYS, check favorite stores, and use tools like for quick access. Big purchases and combo deals stretch your dollar further. So go ahead—make that budget work hard for you!