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Score Big Savings: Unveiling Exciting Student Discount Events

Are you a college student looking to save some money? You’re not alone. Many students find themselves on a tight budget, trying to balance the cost of books, food, and fun. Good news – there are tons of student discount events out there just waiting for you to explore. From movie theaters to public transit and even big brands like Amazon Prime and Apple Music offer special prices for students.

This article will show you how to score big savings by revealing exciting student discount events across local attractions, national brands, and essential services. We’ve gathered all the best deals so you can enjoy more without breaking the bank. Ready to start saving? Keep reading!

Save money with student discounts

You can slash your spending by using student discounts. Many places, from movie theaters to theme parks, offer lower prices if you’re in college. For example, with a husky card (u-pass), you can get special deals on public transport and more.

Big names like Amazon Prime Student and Apple Music cut their rates for students too. Imagine paying less for everything—from your bus ride to school to streaming music.

I once used my student identity card at a museum and saved half off the ticket price. It felt great to enjoy art without paying full price. Students often forget these cards are like magic keys—unlocking deals everywhere.

You could be saving on clothes at Madewell or getting cheaper fast food at Subway just by showing your student ID or signing up online with platforms like Student Beans. Start using these discounts; they really add up!

Local Discounts

In your city, student discounts are everywhere. From places to climb and fun spots in Philadelphia, to special deals just for students, saving money is easy.

Philadelphia attractions and events

Philadelphia has many cool spots and shows just for you, especially if you’re looking to save some cash. Get $3 off skating at Winterfest at Blue Cross Riverrink. Feel the thrill of live performances with $20 student rush tickets at Philadelphia Theatre Company.

Experience history for just $15 admission to the Mütter Museum. The Philadelphia Orchestra and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts throw annual free events, but only if you show your student ID.

Want more? Score $10 rush tickets at Annenberg Center or grab $5 tickets for select concerts by Astral Artists.

Your student ID is your key to Philly’s best experiences – without breaking the bank.

Use your perks beyond textbooks and cafeterias; explore art museums like the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts or catch a breathtaking show thanks to organizations like Astral Artists and Philadelphia Theatre Company.

With these discounts, every outing feels like a win, blending learning with leisure perfectly in this historic city.

Student Circle Memberships

You can join groups for students at many places in Philadelphia. These groups give you special deals and chances to meet other students. For example, the Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association lets students join for free.

This means you can learn about marketing without paying anything. It’s a good way to save money and get smarter.

Places like Localhost offer a free hour of gaming between 4pm and 5pm just for students. Imagine playing your favorite games without spending a dime during that time! And if you need storage or are learning coding, there’s more good news.

US Storage Center locations take off 25% from your first month’s rent, and Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp cuts $2,000 from tuition costs.

Next up: how SEPTA Perks can also help you travel around the city for less.


Moving on from Student Circle Memberships, let’s talk about SEPTA Perks. This program is a treasure for students like you. With a valid SEPTA Pass, Key Card, or Quick Trip ticket, you get amazing deals.

Think discounts at your favorite places and events around Philadelphia. Imagine grabbing 10% off with code CAMPUSPHILLY on the Spirit of Philadelphia. Or getting to see a game at Philadelphia Union home matches with just $10 and riding there for free.

These perks make living and studying in Philly easier on your wallet. Every trip you take gets you where you need to go and also opens up a world of savings right at your fingertips—perfect for when every penny counts.

Keep an eye out for these benefits next time you ride SEPTA; they’re too good to miss!

Reach Climbing

Reach Climbing is a cool place for students like you who love adventure but want to keep spending low. They offer rock climbing and bouldering experiences that are top-notch. Since you’re always looking out for ways to save, don’t miss their student deals.

Grab your friends, show your student ID, and enjoy climbing at a discount. You’ll get strong, have fun, and still save money.

Next up are the big savings outside your campus bubble. From Amazon Prime Student to discounts on moving trucks – there’s a wide range of deals just waiting for you.

National Discounts

Across the country, big brands offer special deals just for students. You can save money on movies, music, travel, and tech products.

Amazon Prime Student

Amazon Prime Student is a great way for you to save money. You get six months free, then it’s $7.49/month. Think about all the things you can do with that membership! You can watch thousands of movies and TV shows, get fast, free shipping on over a million items, and even grab exclusive deals just for students.

Plus, this deal helps with school too. Need textbooks in a rush? Prime has you covered with quick delivery options. And when it’s time to relax or study, stream music or use the storage for school projects without worrying about extra costs.

It fits right into your student budget while keeping entertainment and essentials at your fingertips.


Audible gives you a free audiobook when you sign up. This deal is great for college students. After the first month, it costs $14.95 each month. You can listen to books while doing other things.

This saves time and makes learning easy.

Life is busy; Audible makes reading easy.

Next, explore how Spotify + Hulu + SHOWTIME offers more savings.

Spotify + Hulu + SHOWTIME

Moving from audiobooks to music and TV, you get a sweet deal. With Spotify, Hulu, and SHOWTIME, your entertainment is set. For just $4.99 a month, plus a 1-month free trial, it’s like hitting the jackpot for college students who love tunes, movies, and shows.

This bundle makes it easy to switch between your favorite songs on Spotify, hit series on Hulu, and must-watch movies on SHOWTIME without breaking the bank.

I tried this out last semester because my budget was tight but I needed some downtime entertainment. It was awesome! I could listen to any song or playlist on Spotify while studying or chilling at Alki Beach.

Then at night, I’d catch up on shows or watch movies with roommates through Hulu and SHOWTIME—all under one low price. Plus, setting it up was easy; no need for multiple accounts or forgetting different passwords.

It’s all there in one spot for less than the price of most fast-food meals. So if you’re looking to save cash while enjoying great music and TV shows—this combo is definitely worth checking out.

Apple Music

Apple Music offers you a great deal. Only $4.99 a month for college students like you. This price helps you save money while enjoying your favorite songs and artists. With Apple Music, there’s no need to buy each song or album separately.

You get unlimited access to millions of tracks, playlists, and radio stations.

Your time at school gets better with music that moves with you, from studying late at night to relaxing after exams. Plus, Apple Music works on both Macs and iPhones. This means all your devices can play the same tunes without extra cost or effort.

Next up is Amtrak discounts for when you want to travel.


Moving on from music streaming services like Apple Music, let’s talk about Amtrak. This train service offers a smart way to travel and save money. You might not know this, but students get 15% off rides in some areas.

It means you can go see your family or explore new cities without spending too much.

Amtrack makes it simple for college students like you to move around the country. Whether it’s going back home for the holidays or taking a trip with friends, this discount helps keep more money in your pocket.

Just imagine riding through cities and countryside, all while keeping your travel budget in check. With Amtrak, getting from point A to B is not just affordable; it’s part of an adventure.

Services Discounts

Saving gets easier with student discounts on services. Get deals at book lenders, art displays, buses and trains, cinema houses, van hiring for moving, and car borrowing outfits.

School libraries

School libraries offer a lot more than just books. You get free access to costly tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes Photoshop, Lightroom, and Illustrator. Imagine working on your graphics project without worrying about subscription fees.

Libraries also have Microsoft Office Suite. Yes, that means you can use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for all your school projects at no cost.

Ever needed a quiet place to study or work on a group project? Libraries are perfect. They also lend out laptops if you forget yours at home. Plus, with resources like international student identity cards available, you get discounts not just in the library but outside too.

It’s like having an all-access pass to save money while getting your college degree.


Museums offer a world of adventure and learning, and guess what? You can enjoy this for less money or even free. Many museums have days when admission costs nothing. Others give you a big cut off the regular price just because you’re a student.

Take the Seattle Art Museum, for instance. Here, your college ID doesn’t just get you in to see amazing art—it saves you money too.

Ever walked through an exhibit feeling like you’ve traveled back in time or stepped into another culture? That’s the magic museums bring. Places like the Northwest Film Forum and Seattle Rep partner with schools like UW College of Arts & Sciences to make sure students get these experiences without emptying their wallets.

So grab your national ID card, check out which spots offer these sweet deals, and enjoy some culture!

Exploring history or art shouldn’t drain your bank account—use those discounts.

Public transportation

After exploring museums, you’ll find that getting around town can eat up a lot of your budget. Luckily, public transportation can be a big saver for students like you. Many cities offer discounts on buses and trains just for being in school.

This means you can hop from class to the library or even grab a bite at fast food restaurants without spending too much.

For example, some transit services offer reduced fares or special cards for college students. You might get to ride for less or even snag deals through bike share programs. Imagine cutting down on what you spend each month just by showing your student ID! Plus, it’s also about saving money; using public transport is better for the planet too.

So next time, skip the car rental and see how much you can save riding with everyone else.

Movie theaters

You love watching movies, right? Good news! Movie theaters like AMC Theaters and Regal offer student discounts. This means you pay less for tickets. You just need to show your college ID.

It’s a sweet deal for a fun night out.

Going to the movies doesn’t have to break the bank. Look for special student nights or matinee times for extra savings. That way, you see the latest films without spending too much.

Enjoy popcorn and a movie with friends, and save money at the same time!

Moving truck rentals

Moving your stuff can cost a lot. Good news, though! You can get discounts on moving truck rentals. This helps when you’re going from dorm to apartment or city to city. Some companies offer special prices for students.

They understand tight budgets and the need to save where you can.

Imagine packing up after finals, ready for a new place. You check out renting a car or maybe a bigger truck. That’s when you find out about student deals—money off the usual price just because you’re in college.

I once moved my whole room across three states and saved enough for textbooks just by using one of these discounts.

Finding the right deal turned my stressful move into an adventure with money left over for pizza.

Car sharing services

After exploring moving truck rentals, let’s check out car sharing services. These options are perfect for you if owning a car seems too expensive right now. Have you heard of Zipcar? It partners with many colleges to offer students lower fees and hourly rates for cars.

This means you can grab a car for your next grocery run or weekend trip without breaking the bank.

Using Zipcar is simple, and it gives you access to vehicles anytime you need them. Just book through their app, unlock the car with your phone, and drive away. You’ll find these cars parked around campus and in other convenient locations.

What makes it great is that gas and insurance are usually included in the price. So, no worries about extra costs piling up.

This experience shows how easy and budget-friendly getting around can be without owning a vehicle—perfect when trying to save money as a student.


So, you’ve seen all the great ways to save money with student discounts. From Philly fun to national deals and services that cut costs. You get less spending and more joy. Think of how much you can do with those savings! Keep your eyes open for these offers and make every dollar count.

Happy saving!