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Ultimate Guide: How To Save Money For Your Wedding

Weddings can be expensive, right? You’re trying to have the dream day without breaking the bank. It’s a common struggle for many couples as they plan their big celebration. But, did you know the average wedding can cost over $30,000? That’s a lot of money for one day! Our guide is here to show you how to shave off some of those costs without sacrificing your vision.

From choosing an off-peak date for your venue to DIY decorations that look like a million bucks, we’ve got tips and tricks up our sleeves.

This blog will walk you through various ways to save on everything – venues, catering, name it. By making smart choices and getting a bit creative, you can make your budget work harder for you.

Ready to find out how? Keep reading.

Ways to Save Money on Wedding Expenses

A budget-friendly outdoor wedding venue with DIY decor and bustling atmosphere.

Dreaming of a perfect wedding doesn’t have to empty your wallet. You’ll find smart, simple ways to cut costs without cutting corners—from choosing a clever venue to DIY decor magic.


Venue (off-peak date, nontraditional venue, negotiate costs, use in-house resources)

Choosing an off-peak date for your wedding can lead to big savings. Many venues offer lower prices during slower times, like winter or weekdays. This means you could snag that dream spot without breaking the bank.

Also, think outside the box with nontraditional venues. Places like parks, art galleries, or community centers often cost less and add unique charm to your special day.

Negotiate costs wherever possible – it’s always worth a try! Ask if there’s flexibility in pricing or packages at your chosen venue. Use what they have on hand too; opting for in-house chairs, tables, and even audio equipment cuts down rental fees.

These steps can help keep your wedding budget healthy while still making your day memorable and sweet.


Invitations (go paperless, DIY, use online resources)

After sorting out the venue, let’s tackle wedding invitations. Going paperless saves trees and money. Use a wedding website or email to send your invites. Many online platforms offer beautiful templates that you can customize for free.

This way, you cut down on printing and postage costs.

You can also create your own invites if you’re feeling crafty. Sites like Pinterest have tons of DIY wedding invitation ideas. You’ll find easy-to-follow guides that help turn your vision into reality without breaking the bank.

Plus, making invitations yourself adds a personal touch guests will love.


Attire (shop early, attend trunk shows, rent or buy unadorned dresses, limit formalwear)

Shopping early for your wedding dress can lead to big savings. Look out for sample sales and trunk shows where you can snag designer dresses at a fraction of the cost. These events often have deals you won’t find anywhere else.

Consider renting or buying a simple, unadorned dress and adding your own flair with accessories. This way, you avoid rush fees and expensive alterations. Limiting formalwear for groomsmen and bridesmaids also cuts costs.

Tuxedos and fancy bridesmaid dresses add up quickly; opting for simpler attire keeps everyone looking sharp without breaking the bank.


Catering (cocktail-style reception, brunch wedding, limit bar options, bring own alcohol, keep menu simple)

Choosing a cocktail-style reception or brunch wedding can really help you save. These options usually cost less than a full dinner service. Guests love them for their casual vibe and fun food choices.

Plus, they make the party feel unique.

Limiting bar options to beer and wine only is another smart move. Even better — bring your own alcohol if the venue allows it. This can cut down on costs significantly. Keeping the menu simple also helps manage expenses without sacrificing taste or satisfaction.

Stick with dishes that are easy to prepare but still delicious and appealing to guests.


Decor and Flowers (choose naturally beautiful venue, greenery, seasonal flowers, non-floral decor)

After sorting out catering, it’s time to think about decor and flowers. Going for a venue that’s already pretty on its own means you’ll spend less dressing it up. Nature does the work, and your wallet thanks you.

Look for places with lots of greenery or stunning views. These spots give your wedding a wow factor without added costs.

Use what the season offers for flowers to keep things budget-friendly. Ask florists about what blooms are in abundance around your date. Mixing these seasonal flowers with non-floral elements like candles, lanterns, or fabric can create an elegant vibe for less money.

This approach keeps things simple yet beautiful, allowing you to save cash while still having a day that looks like a million bucks.


Cake (smaller size, minimal embellishments, fresh flowers, skip fondant)

Choosing a smaller wedding cake can help you save big. Go for minimal decorations and use fresh flowers instead of expensive cake toppers or fondant art. Fondant may look smooth and fancy, but it’s pricey.

By skipping it, you keep your costs low and still have a beautiful cake that tastes delicious. Fresh flowers add a natural beauty to your cake without breaking the bank—just make sure they’re safe to be around food.

Also, think about the actual size of your cake. A huge one might seem impressive but remember, not everyone eats cake at weddings. Opting for fewer layers or even a simple two-tiered design is enough for most guest lists.

This way, you won’t waste money on uneaten confection while still enjoying those traditional cake-cutting photos that mean so much.


Music (smaller band, hire for multiple services)

Music sets the mood at your wedding, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Go for a smaller band or even a solo artist. They often charge less than bigger groups. Tell them about your whole event; sometimes, they can handle both ceremony and reception tunes.

This way, you pay one fee for all your music needs.

Consider DJs too—they bring endless music without costing as much as live bands. Many DJs offer packages that include lighting and sound equipment. You’ll save on hiring extra services, making your party unforgettable while keeping cash in your pocket.

Look around, ask friends, or check out online reviews to find the best fit for your big day without overspending.


Transportation (choose limo alternative)

Choosing a limo for your wedding day might seem like a must. But, think outside the box to save cash. Consider vintage cars, which can add a unique touch without the big price tag.

Or, why not go for something quirky like a decorated bus or minivans? They’re fun and can shuttle your wedding party and guests efficiently.

Renting bikes could be another charming way to get around if your venue is close by. Not only does it cut costs, but it also adds an eco-friendly vibe to your day. Plus, it makes for great photos! For bigger groups, check out local shuttles or school buses.

They offer lots of space at a fraction of limo prices and still keep everyone together.


Photography and Videography (book an associate, limit filming time, choose local vendors)

Booking an associate photographer or videographer can save you a bundle. These talented individuals work under seasoned pros and often charge less. This way, you still get stunning images without the high price tag.

Keep your eyes peeled for local talent too. Local vendors won’t need travel expenses covered, which means more money stays in your pocket.

Limiting filming time is another smart move. Decide what moments are must-haves and cut down on coverage elsewhere. Maybe you film just the ceremony and first dance, not the whole day.

Fewer hours mean lower costs, allowing you to allocate funds to other wedding needs without sacrificing quality memories captured by your wedding photographer or videographer.


Favors (give one per couple, make escort cards double as favors)

Saving money on wedding favors is easy and clever. Give one favor per couple instead of per guest. This cuts costs in half, right away. Also, make your escort cards double as favors.

It’s a fun twist that guests love! They get a guide to their seat and a keepsake to take home.

For these combined favors and escort cards, think small but meaningful. Maybe use mini photo frames with the guest’s name inside or tiny potted plants they can watch grow. This approach not only saves money but also reduces waste and adds a personal touch to your big day.


A bride and groom walking through a beautiful outdoor wedding venue.

Weddings don’t have to break the bank. You’ve got options, from choosing off-peak dates to DIY decor. Remember, it’s about celebrating love, not spending a fortune. By planning smart, your dream wedding can also be kind to your wallet.

Let creativity and practicality lead the way!


1. How can I find a wedding dress without spending too much?

Look on Facebook Marketplace or consider renting… You might find your dream dress, like mermaid dresses, for less!

2. What’s a smart way to cut down my guest list?

Think about who you must have there. Reducing your guest list means you save on food, beverages… and more space for dancing!

3. Can we save money by choosing when and where we get married?

Yes! An off-season wedding or an all-inclusive venue can really cut costs. Imagine getting married in winter… cozy and unique.

4. Are there tricks to saving on the big day itself?

Consider a cash bar or make your own cake decorations. It’s surprising how these little changes add up.

5. Should we borrow money for our wedding?

It’s tempting but think twice before using credit cards or loans from lenders like NerdWallet suggests – starting with debt is tough.

6. Is it cheaper to have a destination wedding?

Sometimes! With fewer guests, you might spend less overall… Plus, working with travel agents or hotels’ loyalty programs could snag deals not found anywhere else.