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Ultimate Low-Cost Travel Tips For University Students: How To Travel Smart

Traveling sounds like a dream, right? But as a college student, you might worry it’s too expensive. Don’t fret! There are plenty of ways to explore the world without breaking the bank.

Did you know that many airlines and travel services offer special discounts just for students? That’s right – your student status can unlock cheaper flights and accommodation.

This article will guide you through savvy strategies for globetrotting on a budget. From snagging those student discounts to picking destinations that won’t empty your wallet, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll also touch on smart packing tips and how choosing public transportation can stretch your dollars further. Ready to jet-set in a smart way? Keep reading.

Money-Saving Tips for Student Travelers

Saving money as a college student on the move is all about making smart choices. You can cut costs by using travel cards that give you cash back, searching for special deals for students, and choosing low-cost ways to get around like buses or trains.

Be smart with your money

You need to keep a close eye on how you spend and save your cash. Early on, learn to avoid debt like it’s the plague and save money wherever you can. A smart move? Look into travel credit cards.

These cards guard against unexpected hotel fees and fraud, making them your ally in strange cities or countries. Plus, if your flight gets delayed, some of these cards cover extra costs so you won’t be stuck.

From firsthand experience, points and miles from a travel credit card stretch further than those from regular ones. Imagine trading points for flights or stays at resorts without touching your savings! Also, always choose public transit over taxis—it saves more than you think.

And before booking anything, hunting down student discounts should become second nature; they’re everywhere once you start looking!

Take advantage of student discounts

Get an International Student Identity Card. It opens doors to many discounts worldwide. From cheaper places to stay, less expensive meals, to savings on travel insurance and even VPN services for safer internet use abroad.

Always carry your student ID too. Many places in the U.S. offer lower prices when you show it.

Look for travel deals just for college students. Companies often have special rates on flights, train tickets, and entry fees to museums or events if you’re studying. Ask about these options before you book anything or buy a ticket at the door.

I once saved half off a museum entry by showing my student card—such an easy way to keep more cash in your pocket while exploring new cities!

Utilize budget-friendly travel options

Travel smart by picking cheaper ways to get around. Skiplagged is your friend for finding cheap flights because it looks for hidden deals most miss. Also, Scott’s Cheap Flights can send you emails when prices drop big time.

For places to stay, consider programs like WWOOF and Workaway. You work a bit, then get a free place to sleep and meals. This way, you save money and meet new people.

Look into travel rewards with airlines, hotels, and car rentals too. These programs give you points just for signing up and more as you go places. You can use these points later for discounts or even free trips.

And remember camping as an option too—it’s fun, gets you close to nature, and is way cheaper than hotels or apartments.

Making The Most out of Your College Experience

College is more than just books and classes. It’s a chance to fly, see new places, and learn in ways you never thought possible. Join groups that love to travel or sign up for programs that let you study in another country.

Say yes to jobs or volunteer gigs that take you across the globe. This way, college becomes an adventure of its own, full of experiences that teach you about the world beyond your campus.

Join travel programs and clubs

Travel programs and clubs at your school are gold mines for budget travel. They often have deals and discounts just for students. Imagine flying to new places or enjoying off-season travel perks without breaking the bank.

These groups can hook you up with everything from backpacking trips to study abroad exchanges. Plus, being part of these clubs means meeting others who love traveling as much as you do.

I joined a travel club last year, and it changed how I see the world. We share tips like packing light to avoid extra fees, finding free activities in new cities, and using student rewards programs for cheaper flights.

And let’s not forget about staying in places with no resort fees! This club also taught me about voluntourism and working on organic farms worldwide—which is a cool way to see the world while helping out.

Use opportunities for travel like studying abroad or internships

After you join travel clubs, think about studying abroad or doing internships in other countries. These chances let you see the world while still in school. Many schools offer exchange programs where you can attend a university in another country for the same cost as your home school.

This means you can explore new places without spending more on tuition.

Interning abroad is another smart move. It mixes work experience with travel. Some internships might even pay you or cover your living costs, making it easier to manage money while away from home.

Look out for openings in fields that interest you worldwide. This could lead to working in exciting cities and adding valuable skills and experiences to your resume that employers love.

Be willing to make sacrifices for travel

Exploring new places through internships or study programs is exciting, and taking the next step means sometimes giving up comforts for bigger adventures. You might have to choose traveling during offseason periods to save big on costs.

This could mean seeing Europe in fall instead of summer, experiencing quieter towns but also cooler weather.

Saving money might also require you choosing budget airlines over fancy ones, staying in hostels instead of hotels, and carrying only what fits in a backpack to avoid luggage fees.

Remember, dining at local restaurants where prices are lower rather than expensive tourist spots can make your travel funds last longer. By picking Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF), you get food and lodging covered for helping out on local farms—trading some time for an incredible global experience without breaking the bank.

Making these sacrifices will not only stretch your budget but also enrich your travels with unique experiences that aren’t found in any travel guidebook.


Traveling as a college student doesn’t have to break the bank. With smart moves and choices, you can see new places without spending a lot. Look for cheaper travel times and pack only what you need.

Use apps like StudentUniverse for flight deals just for students. Stay with friends instead of paying for hotels. Be open about when and where you go – flexibility saves money! Also, joining clubs at school can lead to trips that are cheap or even free.

So, hit the road smartly – use your student ID for discounts, pick budget spots, and save on food by bringing snacks. Travel light and enjoy more with less stress over costs. Your adventure awaits, and now you know how to make it affordable!