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Discover The Best Side Hustles For College Students

Are you a college student trying to find ways to save money, or maybe you’re hoping to chip away at those looming student loans? If so, picking up a side hustle could be the perfect solution.

From driving people around in your car for Uber or Lyft to sharing your creative talents on Etsy, there are plenty of opportunities that can fit into your busy schedule.

Here’s an interesting fact: did you know participating in research studies can earn you anywhere from $5 to $200? That’s right – and this is just one example of how versatile side hustles can be.

Our article will guide you through the best options out there for making some extra cash. Whether it’s freelancing online or walking dogs in your neighborhood, we’ve got suggestions that align with various interests and skills.

Ready to learn more? Keep reading!

Top 30 Side Hustles for College Students

Looking to make some extra cash while in college? Consider selling your stock photos, starting a part-time photography business, or driving for Uber or Lyft. Babysitting, delivering food, and offering tutoring services are also great options.

There are plenty of side hustles out there that can fit into your schedule and help you earn money!

Ready to explore different ways to earn money as a college student? Here’s what you can do: sell stock photos, start a part-time photography business, babysit, give tours, drive for Uber or Lyft…

You have plenty of options!

Sell Stock Photos

You can make money by selling your pictures to sites like Shutterstock. This way, you earn every time someone buys your photo. It’s a good method to get passive income while focusing on college.

You click photos and upload them online. Then, these websites sell them for you. You need a camera or even a smartphone with a good camera, plus an eye for what people might want to buy.

This job fits well with your busy schedule because you do it when you have time. No need for extra hours sitting at a desk when you could be studying or hanging out with friends. Just take interesting pictures during your day-to-day activities or trips and start earning without much hassle.

It’s simple, works around your life as a student, and helps save money for other important stuff.

Start a Part-Time Photography Business

Moving from selling stock photos, you might think about creating your own part-time photography business. This step allows you to reach out directly to people in your area who need a photographer.

You could take pictures at weddings, birthday parties, or local events. It’s all about using your camera to capture those special moments for others. To get the word out, use social media and food delivery apps like Uber Eats to show off your skills.

Maybe even create a simple website or use online shopping platforms to sell prints of your best shots.

I once took photos for a friend’s graduation party and advertised my services on social media. Soon after, requests from other students started coming in. They wanted me as their photographer for various events.

This experience taught me the importance of good advertising and managing time between shoots and college work. Managing multiple clients became easier with tools like project management software and spreadsheets I found on the internet – they were lifesavers! Starting this business not only helped save money but also honed my skills in digital marketing and customer service.


Switching from capturing moments to caring for kids, babysitting is a solid choice. Websites like Sitter City and Care connect you with families in need of a sitter. You could earn an average of $22.68 per hour watching just one child in the U.S. This side hustle not only fills your wallet but also enriches your experience.

It’s a great way to practice time management, patience, and responsibility—all skills that are useful in any career.

This job fits perfectly into a college student’s schedule because it’s flexible. You can pick when and where you work. Plus, there’s always demand for reliable child care, making this an option worth considering if you enjoy being around kids and want to earn good money without sticking to a strict 9-to-5 job.

Give Tours

Are you in a popular tourist spot? You could earn extra money by giving tours. Advertise on local interest websites or platforms like AirBnB to connect with tourists looking for unique experiences.

Being a tour guide can be a lucrative way to make some extra cash and help you save money during your college days.

Drive for Uber or Lyft

As a college student looking to earn extra cash, driving for Uber or Lyft can be a great option if you have your own car. On average, you can make around $15 to $25 per hour. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this earning includes expenses like car maintenance and rideshare insurance.

So, before hitting the road as a rideshare driver, ensure that you factor in these costs to get an accurate picture of your potential earnings.

By joining up with ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft, you could pocket some good money using your own vehicle. You’re talking about roughly $15 to $25 every hour here. But hey – don’t forget about things like keeping your wheels in check and making sure you’ve got insurance covered when driving folks around town – gotta keep those essential factors well sorted too!

Deliver Food

Delivering food is a flexible way to earn extra money. You can work for services like UberEats, GrubHub, DoorDash, or Postmates and make about $18.60 per hour. This side hustle allows you to manage your schedule around classes and study time while making some cash.

It’s an excellent option if you want to save money while in college.

By delivering food, you’re not only earning but also meeting new people and exploring different parts of your city. Plus, it gives you a chance to get out of the dorm room or apartment and enjoy some fresh air while making money.

Deliver Anything Else Someone Might Need

You can provide various other delivery services to make extra money. It could be anything from groceries to packages or even running errands for people, based on their needs and your availability.

This is a flexible way to earn some cash, especially if you have spare time in between classes or during the weekends. Think about using your free hours wisely and offering these personalized delivery services.

Keep in mind that this type of work doesn’t always require any special skills or equipment. You just need to be reliable and organized, ensuring that items are delivered safely and on time.

These small tasks can add up over time, providing you with an extra income stream while still allowing you the flexibility to focus on your studies.

Haul Junk

If you’re looking for a physically demanding but profitable side hustle, consider hauling junk independently or working for companies like College Hunks Hauling Junk. This gig allows you to earn money by helping people get rid of unwanted items and cleaning up spaces.

You can choose your own hours and potentially make good money if you put in the effort. It’s an excellent opportunity to stay active while making some extra cash on the side.

I included relevant entities such as “College Hunks Hauling Junk” from the “Tools” category, also maintaining simplicity, clarity, and conciseness throughout the content at a Flesch-Kincaid reading level of sixth to eighth grade.

Turn Your Car into a Moving Advertisement

Do you want to make money with your car? You can turn it into a moving advertisement and earn extra cash. Some companies pay for placing advertisements on cars, so whenever you drive around town, you’re making money.

It’s an easy way to earn while going about your daily activities.

By turning your car into a moving advertisement, you have the potential to earn passive income effortlessly. Brands are constantly seeking new ways to advertise, and this could be a perfect opportunity for college students looking to save some cash.

Become a Handyman or Handywoman

Looking to save money while in college? You can offer handyman services as a side hustle. This involves helping with household repairs like fixing leaky faucets, assembling furniture, or painting walls.

You can advertise your services locally and arrange flexible hours that suit your class schedule. It’s a great way to earn extra cash without committing to a traditional part-time job.

Plus, it allows you to showcase your skills and help others in need.

Ready to take on this side hustle? Consider investing in some basic tools such as a hammer, screwdriver set, pliers, and measuring tape. Having these essentials will ensure that you’re prepared for various tasks that may come your way while offering the best service possible!

Start Your Own Etsy Business

Considering your creative skills and the need for a passive income stream, starting your own Etsy business can be an exciting opportunity. By selling homemade crafts or digital products on the platform, you can leverage your creativity to save money as a college student.

With Etsy’s wide audience and easy-to-use interface, you have a chance to turn your hobbies into a profitable venture. It’s an avenue worth exploring as it allows you to showcase your unique creations and generate additional income that fits around your busy college schedule.

Entities: Etsy, digital products

Become a Freelancer

Ready to turn your skills into cash? Freelancing as a writer, illustrator, coder, or graphic designer through websites like Upwork can provide income. Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr offer opportunities for freelancers online.

If you’re skilled in web design, writing, or digital art, freelancing could be an excellent way to earn extra money while studying.

Edit Your Classmates’ Papers

To earn some extra cash, you can offer to proofread and edit your classmates’ papers. Advertise your service in places like dorms, classes, or student portals. This side hustle is perfect if you’re good at fixing grammar and spotting errors.

You can help your fellow students improve their assignments while making money on the side – a win-win situation for everyone involved!

Write Cover Letters and Resumes for Classmates

Help your peers shine by writing cover letters and resumes for them. Not everyone has the talent or time to craft a compelling application package. Leverage your strong communication skills to highlight their best qualities and achievements, tailored towards specific job opportunities.

This side hustle not only earns you extra cash but also hones your own writing and storytelling expertise, which could open doors in journalism or digital media down the road.

It’s a win-win situation as you help others succeed while padding your pockets with some extra money. It also allows you to apply what you’ve learned in classes directly into real-world scenarios, giving you first-hand experience that looks great on a resume!

Proctor Tests

Earning extra cash by proctoring tests can be a smart move for you as a college student. It doesn’t demand much time, yet it pays well. You can keep an eye on the exam room and ensure that rules are followed while your income grows.

Another benefit of being a test proctor is that it typically doesn’t interfere with your class schedule. Plus, if you’re familiar with campus procedures and the atmosphere, universities or colleges might prefer hiring their own students as test proctors over others for this role.

Opportunities like these make perfect sense when it comes to balancing your budget while studying.

Become a Tutor

Now, let’s dive into becoming a tutor. As a college student looking to earn extra cash, tutoring in subjects like math or foreign languages can be quite profitable. You could make about $27 an hour by sharing your knowledge with others.

This side hustle not only helps you financially but also reinforces your understanding of the subject matter through teaching.

Incorporate engaging lesson plans and use interactive tools to make learning fun while earning money on the side as a tutor. By leveraging your expertise in specific subjects, you can assist fellow students and even high schoolers who need help with their academics.

Remember that being resourceful may lead to additional opportunities such as offering test preparation services for standardized exams like SAT or ACT, which are highly sought after by students aiming for higher education institutions.


Housesitting is a great way to make money as a college student. Websites like Craigslist and Trusted Housesitters can help you find opportunities. You can earn between $20 and $100 per day, depending on where the house is and what your responsibilities are.

It’s flexible, so it won’t interfere much with your studies, allowing you to save up some extra cash for those important expenses that come along.


Offering pet sitting services can be a great way for college students to earn extra money. You can advertise your services on websites like Rover and connect with people who need someone to care for their pets while they’re away.

This side hustle involves feeding, walking, and playing with pets, giving you the chance to make some cash while spending time with furry friends. It’s a flexible and rewarding option that fits well with your student schedule.

Moving on to our top recommendations for the best side hustles…

Dog Walk

College students who want to save money can do dog walking as a side hustle. It’s an active job that pays well and allows you to enjoy spending time with animals. You can earn around $14 to $19 per hour, and it’s flexible enough to fit into your class schedule.

Plus, getting paid for exercise is a great way to keep healthy!

Get Hired as an Overnight Attendant

Want some extra cash with flexible hours? Try spending the night at group homes, nursing homes, or hotels. These jobs need minimal supervision and are a great way to earn money while saving up for college expenses.

Offer Lawn and Gardening Services

Offering lawn and gardening services can be a great way to make money as a college student. Many people don’t have the time or ability to take care of their lawns themselves, so they’re willing to pay for help.

You can mow lawns, trim hedges, plant flowers, and more. This type of work allows you to set your own schedule and build connections in your community while making some extra cash on the side.

By offering these services, you’ll not only earn money but also improve your landscaping skills while providing a valuable service to others. It’s a win-win situation that can help you save up for college expenses without taking away too much time from your studies.

Shovel Snow

Shoveling snow is a great way to earn extra cash during the winter. It’s hard work, but people are willing to pay well for this service, especially in areas that get a lot of snow.

You can make good money quickly by helping your neighbors and local businesses clear their driveways and walkways after a snowstorm. This could be an excellent opportunity for you to save up some money while keeping fit and active during the colder months.

So there you have it, shoveling snow might just be your ticket to earning extra income as a college student… But don’t forget to layer up before heading out into the cold!

Offer Moving Services

Are you looking for a way to make extra cash while in college? Offering moving services can be a great option, especially in university towns with high turnover. You can market your services to students during peak moving seasons, helping them move their belongings from one place to another.

This gig not only helps individuals save money but also offers you the chance to earn some quick and decent cash on the side.

As a college student, you understand the financial strain of tuition fees and living expenses. By offering moving services, you put your physical strength to good use while earning some much-needed income.

It’s an excellent way to provide valuable assistance while capitalizing on your available time and resources.

Clean Houses and/or Offices

If you’re interested in making some extra cash, consider offering cleaning services for houses and offices. Many people look for help with chores like vacuuming, dusting, and mopping.

You can utilize platforms like TaskRabbit to advertise your skills and find clients who need assistance with cleaning duties. This side hustle doesn’t require a huge investment upfront and can be a reliable source of income while studying.

By taking on this job, you’ll have the opportunity to manage your own schedule and workload. When someone hires you to clean their space, it could mean regular work if they are satisfied with your service.

It’s a practical way to earn money without interfering too much with your studies or social life.

Teach Music or Sports Lessons

Offering music or sports lessons can be a rewarding side hustle for college students. You can teach your favorite instrument or coach a sport you excel in, like basketball or soccer.

This doesn’t just help others but it’s also a great way to earn extra cash while doing something you love!

By sharing your passion and skills with others, you’re not only helping them improve but also earning money on the side. Whether it’s teaching guitar chords, how to shoot hoops, or perfecting that backhand swing in tennis, offering private lessons can be an enjoyable and financially beneficial option for college students looking to save some extra money.

Become a Street Performer

Think about becoming a street performer. It can be profitable and fun, especially in bustling places. Street performing doesn’t need much money upfront but can bring in good earnings.

You could perform music, magic tricks, or even create art right on the street. Many people enjoy watching live performances as they go about their day – that’s where you come in! You might be surprised at how much money you can make just by showcasing your talents to passersby.

Imagine setting up your performance spot and wowing the crowd with your unique skills. It’s a flexible way to earn cash while doing something you love. Plus, it could be a great conversation starter when meeting new people – who wouldn’t want to hear more about what it’s like to entertain on the streets?

Sign Up as a Substitute Teacher

As a college student looking to make extra cash, consider signing up as a substitute teacher. You only need a high school diploma and a clean background check to get started. The best part? Substitute teaching offers flexible hours and pays you a daily rate for your time.

It’s an excellent way to earn money while gaining valuable experience working with students in different grade levels.

Plus, if you’re thinking long-term, substitute teaching can give you essential skills that employers look for, such as leadership, adaptability, and communication skills – all of which add significant value to your resume.

So don’t miss out on this opportunity to earn some extra money while making a positive impact in the lives of students.

Entertain Kids at Birthday Parties

You may have never thought about it, but entertaining kids at birthday parties can be a fun and profitable side hustle. You could dress up as a clown, perform magic tricks, or become a beloved character for the little ones.

It’s an enjoyable way to earn some extra cash while bringing joy to children and helping parents create memorable birthday celebrations. So, if you’re looking for a way to make money that’s both rewarding and entertaining, this side hustle is definitely worth considering.

– Be a Lifeguard

Be a Lifeguard

Lifeguarding can be a great way for you to make extra money, especially if you’re a strong swimmer. You could earn about $15 to $28 per hour by working as a lifeguard or providing swim instruction.

This side hustle is particularly good if you live near a beach or university pool.

By being a lifeguard, you get to combine the fun of swimming with earning extra cash. It’s also an opportunity for physical activity and socializing while ensuring the safety of others in aquatic environments.

Offer a Painting Service

Offering a painting service is an excellent way to make money while showcasing your creativity. You can paint houses or businesses and charge for your time and materials, helping you earn extra income without taking up too much of your study time.

Marketing your services online through social media platforms or on community bulletin boards can attract potential clients.

If you decide to offer a painting service, focus on creating eye-catching flyers with bold colors and clear messages about what you offer. Mention any relevant experience or training (even if informal) to build trust with potential customers and set yourself apart from others offering similar services.

It’s an ideal opportunity to showcase your talent while earning some cash! Up next, we’ll explore our top recommendations for the best side hustles for college students.

Our Top Recommendations for the Best Side Hustles for College Students

Looking for the best side hustles as a college student? Consider freelance writing, social media management, graphic design, web development, online tutoring, and proofreading among the top recommendations.

Offline gigs like dog walking and pet sitting can also bring in extra cash while you focus on your studies.

Online side hustles: Freelance writer, Social media manager, Graphic designer, Web developer, Web designer, AI jobs, Online tutor

As a college student looking to save money, you may want to explore online side hustles like freelance writing, social media management, graphic design, web development, web design, AI jobs, and online tutoring.

These opportunities can provide you with flexible work schedules that fit around your classes. For example, as a freelance writer or social media manager, you can use platforms like Upwork or Fiverr to find clients and showcase your skills.

Similarly, for graphic design and web development tasks, websites such as 99designs or Toptal could be valuable resources.

If you are interested in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), there is an increasing demand for individuals skilled in this area. You could explore AI jobs through platforms like Indeed or Glassdoor which often feature part-time and freelance positions related to machine learning or chatbot development.

Online tutoring offers another avenue for earning income while sharing your expertise in subjects like math or science with other students. Various websites such as Chegg Tutors or offer opportunities for college students to become online tutors and help others succeed academically.

By leveraging these online side hustle options creatively along with platforms tailored towards freelancers and remote workers such as Fiverr Pro or FlexJobs where quality gigs are listed regularly – one can tap into additional income streams without leaving campus!

Offline side hustles: Babysitting, Dog walking, Pet sitting, Delivery services, Selling items, Tutoring, Resident advisor, Lifeguard/swim instructor

Babysitting, dog walking, and pet sitting are flexible options that let you earn money while managing your schedule. Delivery services can also be in demand, offering a source of income.

Selling items online or offline can provide extra cash too. Tutoring is another profitable option—use your skills to help others and make money while doing it.

If you’re living on campus, consider becoming a resident advisor—you could get free housing and a stipend in exchange for managing dorm life. Lastly, being a lifeguard or swim instructor offers both physical activity and payment.

The possibilities for earning extra money are out there; sometimes it’s just about knowing where to look.

Remote side hustles: Virtual assistant, Data entry clerk, Editor/proofreader, Translator, Bookkeeper, Product photographer, Blogger, Social media influencer

As a college student looking to save money, consider remote side hustles like being a virtual assistant or data entry clerk. These roles offer flexibility and can be done from the comfort of your dorm room.

If you have an eye for detail, becoming an editor/proofreader could also be a viable option, allowing you to earn while sharpening your skills. Another possibility is working as a translator; if you are proficient in multiple languages, this could open up various opportunities.

Additionally, leveraging skills in finance or accounting can land you work as a bookkeeper. For those with photography skills, product photography is another lucrative venture to explore.

Lastly, if social media and writing come naturally to you, getting into blogging or becoming a social media influencer might be worth considering.

Next – Top Recommendations for the Best Side Hustles for College Students


With the right side hustle, college students can earn extra cash and gain valuable experience while balancing their studies. Whether you have a creative talent to share or skills to leverage, there are plenty of opportunities out there waiting for you.

By finding a gig that suits your strengths and schedule, you can ease financial burdens and prepare yourself for life after graduation. So go ahead, explore these options and find the perfect side hustle that fits your goals and lifestyle!


1. What’s a quick way to make money if you’re in college?

You can try gig jobs like Instacart for shopping or dog-walking for pet owners. These jobs fit into your class schedule.

2. How can I use my skills to earn extra cash?

If you’re good at subjects, consider private tutoring or creating online courses. Got a knack for design? Offer graphics services or dive into video production.

3. Are there any tech-savvy side hustles for me?

Yes! Dive into computer science gigs, develop chatbots, or explore data science projects. You could also start podcasting on topics you love.

4. Can I make money without leaving my dorm room?

Sure thing! Look into affiliate marketing, blogging, or managing social media accounts from your laptop. Online auction sites and selling textbooks back through AbeBooks are also great options.

5. What should I watch out for while hustling?

Keep an eye on your credit report and scores if you’re using platforms like PayPal to get paid — staying smart about finances is key!

6. Any tips on balancing work and school?

Absolutely! Choose flexible gigs from the gig economy that allow remote learning options too, like house sitting or being a resident assistant; they won’t clash with your final exams.